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Rocket League Future Updates Detailed in Spring 2018 Roadmap News 0

News 0 The Rocket League team has revealed the spring 2018 roadmap, featuring a ton of new content and gameplay tweaks. For spring this year, patches will alternate between content updates and feature updates. This will allow the team to “update on a more frequent and regular cycle, guarantees [players] won’t have to wait too long between Competitive Seasons, and […]

Rocket League Cross Platform Party Support Being Worked on for 2018 News 0

News 0 Who wouldn’t want to team up — regardless of platform — when it comes to playing Rocket League, right? While that’s not available now, developer Psyonix is actively working on making that a reality. Over on Twitter, the official Rocket League Help account mentioned this little tidbit in answering a fan’s concern. Hey there! We’re […]

Rocket League Frosty Fest Event Begins December 11, Here’s All the Details News 0

News 0 Start your engines for the holiday season! The Rocket League Frosty Fest event is about to kick off, bringing winter treats for all players. The Frosty Fest event will use the new “Snowflakes” currency, which replaces the usual Candy Corn. Players can redeem these Snowflakes to purchase Event items, Decryptors, or the new “Frosty Fest” Event Crate. […]

Rocket League Review – Portable Mayhem (Nintendo Switch) Reviews 1

Reviews 1 Rocket League burst onto the scene in 2015 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, and became an instant hit with its wacky premise of rocket-powered cars that played soccer (or football). Since release, Rocket League has made a name for itself for being a game that is both fun and casual, while also being […]

Rocket League Update Improves Performance, Adds More Servers & More News 0

News 0 A new update for Rocket League is now rolling out for PlayStation 4, Xbox and PC. The new patch fixes frame-rate “stuttering” on the Xbox, rendering issues for PS4, adds new server region for all platforms and more. Bonuses coming with today’s update: ▶️ A brand new server region in South Africa (SAF) ▶️ A […]

Rocket League Nintendo Switch Release Date Is November 14 News 0

News 0 Rocket League, the acrobatic battle cars that play soccer, is coming to the Nintendo Switch on November 14, and yes, it supports cross-play!  Rocket League will cost you a cool $19.99 USD or the regional equivalent and be available to download on the eShop(no news on whether a physical retail copy will be available). The […]

Rocket League Update 1.38 Kicks Out, Full Patch Notes Listed News 0

News 0 There’s a new Rocket League update out now, and it’s the Rocket League Autumn update hotfix, which brings with it, a slew of bug squashing, technical fixes and more. Clocking in at 1.4GB on the PlayStation 4, some Arenas are being tweaked, along with a host of tech issue fixes, though Xbox One players might […]

Rocket League Update Full Patch Notes Offer More Details on Gameplay Changes News 0

News 0 Following the reveal of new Rocket League content added with the “Autumn Update,” we’ve now been given more details on how the patch has affected gameplay. See the full list of changes, updates, bug fixes and known issues below. CHANGES AND UPDATES General Players can now change to another Custom Training pack while playing a Custom […]

Rocket League Update for Autumn Adds New Banners, Map and More News 0

News 0 Psyonix’s fantastic support of Rocket League continues with the game’s “Autumn Update” that adds a new map, a bunch of new player banners and lots more. The Rocket League update should be out for both consoles (PS4, Xbox One) and PC. There are new standard arena variants for Starbase Arc, Wasteland, Champions Field (day), Mannfield […]

Rocket League Patch Notes Detail Fall Update, New Trailer Showcases This Month’s Content Drop News 0

News 0 Read up on these Rocket League patch notes to learn all about the content coming this month. The game is getting quite the overhaul, and customization options are being given a boost, with additional drops and the introduction of player banners. The update will be available September 28.  Here’s everything you can look forward to: Farmstead, a […]

Rocket League Wasteland and Starbase Maps Being Reworked Significantly News 0

News 0 Over on the official Rocket League site, Psyonix has announced a pretty big change to two Rocket League maps that will affect how matches played on it will fare out. In case the title wasn’t a dead giveaway, these maps will be Wasteland and Starbase Arc. According to the studio, the Autumn update, which will […]

Rocket League: Collector’s Edition Now Available at Retail News 0

News 0 If you haven’t gotten a chance to pick up Rocket League, now would be the perfect time to do so. Today, the Collector’s Edition has hit store shelves and will retail for a suggested MSRP of $29.99 USD. “Originally published on Windows PC via Steam and Sony’s PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system via PlayStation™Network‎ in July […]

Rocket League Launch On Xbox One Dated For Next Week News 0

News 0 At last year’s Game Awards Show, independent developer Psyonix announced its plans to bring the popular PS4/PC soccer-car game, Rocket League, to Xbox One. Today, the studio is happy to let their Xbox fans know that Rocket League will launch on Microsoft’s console next week on February 17 via the ID(at)Xbox self-publishing program. It will arrive with […]

Rocket League Coming To Xbox One With Halo & Gears of War Cars News 6

News 6 Psyonix and Microsoft delivered exciting news for Xbox fans at the Game Awards Show 2015, announcing that the popular PlayStation 4 and PC soccer-racing game, Rocket League, will be making its way to Xbox One this February. The new version of the popular indie title will launch with cars representing iconic Xbox games, including Halo and […]

Rocket League Mutator Update Coming November, Ice Hockey Update Arrives December News 1

News 1 This November, the greatest sports game on PlayStation 4 and PC is getting updated with brand new content that will allow players to “mix, match, and mutate” their Rocket League matches with wonky new modifiers. The update is free and will allow players to apply mutators like the Cubic Ball, Demolition Ball, Moonball, Beach Ball, and […]

Rocket League Patch 1.05 Available Now, Season 1 Starts Today! News 1

News 1 Pre-season is over! With the release of 1.05, the first season of Rocket League is officially underway. Rankings are based on a combination of rank (Bronze through Platinum) and tier (Bronze I through Gold III in addition to Platinum). Platinum tier is reserved only for the top 100 players in the world. In addition, Utopia […]

Rocket League Patch 1.04 Available Now, Supersonic Fury DLC Coming August 13th News 9

News 9 The greatest thing since sliced bread Rocket League has received the next update early in anticipation for its first DLC pack, Supersonic Fury. Players will be excited to see 3v3 Ranked Matchmaking has been added for those playing in a party. In addition, players will be greeted to new menu music, a new arena, specific […]

Rocket League Patch 1.03 Available Now, First DLC Pack Announced News 7

News 7 Psyonix released a patch today for Rocket League users on both the PS4 and Steam platforms. The patch promises multiple visual optimizations for the PS4 version, a mouse sensitivity option for PC users, and plenty of UI fixes all around. Check out the full patch notes below and new trailer above. In addition, the first DLC […]

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