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Battlefield 3 Premium Hits 4 Million Users To Date, DICE Looking Into ‘What We Can Do For Battlefield 4’ News 52

News 52 Reporting in Q1 fiscal year 2014 financial reports earlier today, Electronic Arts has announced that Battlefield 3‘s Premium service is seeing positive results while membership is constantly growing. “The Battlefield 3″ Premium community continues to grow with over 4 million members to date,” reads the official press release. Battlefield 3 Premium brought members five Battlefield […]

Battlelog App Incoming to iPad, More Privacy Features in the Works News 15

News 15 Frequent Battlelog users who prefer the iPad as their mobile device of choice can look forward to a dedicated application for Battlefield 3‘s (and soon to be Battlefield 4‘s) social, stat-tracking service. Currently, iPad users are asked to bookmark the web-based version of Battlelog to their home screen, but according to recent tweets from the […]

‘Hardest’ Battlefield 3 Easter Egg Finally Discovered By YouTube Personality News 41

News 41 Back in April, last year, we reported on an a near-impossible-to-find Battlefield 3 easter egg that was hinted at by now ex-DICE voice-over designer, Thomas Danko. Despite the handful of clues that Danko included in his tweets, which you can read in the previously linked article above, no Battlefield 3 player has successfully discovered the […]

Battlefield 3 – Semi-Secret Pathway Discovered on Noshahr Canals, Did You Know? News 75

News 75 User “Tallkido” recently posted a very interesting video on the r/Battlefield3 sub-reddit by YouTuber “Claudio Sad” which holds a “secret” many of you, even some of the more veteran among us, may not have known. As documented by these fine gentlemen in the video below, what if I told you there is a secret pathway […]

Battlefield 3 Free For PlayStation Plus Members This Month News 42

News 42 PlayStation Plus users are in for a bit of a treat this month. On top of receiving additional discounts in Sony’s Summer Blast: Hot Discount Sale, starting tomorrow, PlayStation Plus users will also be able to download one of 2011’s most highly acclaimed first-person shooters by Digital Illusions CE, Battlefield 3, for absolutely free. When the […]

Battlefield 4 – Operation Metro and Caspian Border Most Likely to Be Remade in Second Assault DLC News 147

News 147 Fan-favorite Battlefield 3 maps like Operation Metro and Caspian Border might be sneaking their way into Battlefield 4 via the game’s recently announced expansion, Second Assault. As the expansion’s description reads on the official website, “This Premium expansion pack will feature four of the most fan-favorite maps from Battlefield 3, redesigned to take advantage of […]

Battlefield 3 PC Download And Premium Heavily Discounted Until June 19 News 31

News 31 Those who always wanted to get their hands on the PC version of Battlefield 3 but have been waiting for a sweet deal to arise, then you’ll want to hear this. As of today, Origin is offering the PC download version of Battlefield 3 at 75% off. Making the discounted price of the game to come […]

Battlefield 3 Premium Double XP Event Extended For Another 48 Hours News 6

News 6 Just moments before the latest Double XP weekend for Battlefield 3 premium came to a close, the lovely folks over at DICE, have announced that they have a special treat in store for all Premium members. The current Premium Double XP has just been extended until June 19 at 5:00 am EST, according to the official Battlefield […]

Battlefield 3 Double XP Incoming, Close Quarters DLC Free This Week News 23

News 23 In light of all the exciting reveals DICE is doing for Battlefield 4 during this year’s E3 media briefings, even more information has been revealed. Battlefield 3 users have collectively played a staggering 1 billion hours online in multiplayer. To celebrate this, DICE is rewarding players with a few days of double XP, alongside a […]

Battlelog is Coming to Android This Friday News 17

News 17 Better late than never! Battlefield 3‘s (and soon to be Battlefield 4‘s) social, stat-tracking service, the Battlelog, will finally be making its way to Android users as a dedicated application this Friday. The Battlelog team announced via Twitter today: Here’s a shot of it in action: Fans also have a few incoming Battlelog improvements to […]

Battlelog Dev Adresses Privacy Concerns, “Invisible Mode” a “Top Priority” for Battlefield 4 News 32

News 32 Battlelog developers at DICE plan to add additional steps to ensure privacy for users of the social, stat-tracking service by the time Battlefield 4 rolls around this Fall. Speaking to Battlefield fan Rubén Santana on Twitter, Battlelog developer Filip mentioned that an “invisible mode” is a “top priority” for the team. Presumably, entering into an […]

Pre-Order Battlefield 4, GameStop Offering Power-Up Reward Members Air Unlock Shortcut Kit For Battlefield 3 News 45

News 45 Those who a part of GameStop’s power-up reward program have something to look forward to if you plan on purchasing Battlefield 4 this fall. The company is offering the Air Unlock Shortcut Kit for immediate use in Battlefield 3 upon pre-ordering Battlefield 4, netting you the ability to instantly acquire all unlocks for the Attack Helicopter, Jets, […]

Battlefield 3 Up For 5-Hour Maintenance May 29 News 13

News 13 In real Battlefield 3 news, Battlefield 3 servers across all platforms will be going down for maintenance later this week. According to an update on the Battlelog service, DICE “…will perform maintenance May 29 between 2AM-7AM PST. During this window, BF3 multiplayer will be unavailable on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 in that order. Entire window […]

Battlefield 3 Premium Edition Website Lists 6th Incoming Expansion Pack “To Be Released At a Later Date” [Updated] News 27

News 27 Update As readers pointed out, it is most likely the case that the Battlefield 3 Premium Edition launched before the release of BF3’s last expansion, “End Game,” so it is simply stating that one of the expansions (End Game) is coming at a later date (at the time). According to others, the notification has been […]

DICE Announces One Billion Hours of Battlefield 3 Played To Date News 20

News 20 This just in: Battlefield 3 players have no li… I mean, Battlefield 3 players play a lot of Battlefield 3. The studio behind the Battlefield franchise, Digital Illusions CE, has just announced via Twitter and Facebook that the Battlefield community has accumulatively played over one billion hours of Battlefield 3. That’s a lot of “sh*t buckets.” “Yesterday, […]

DICE Producer Offers Charity Stream DDOSers Tour of Haitian Orphanage In Response to Attacks News 41

News 41 DICE Producer Daniel “zh1nt0” Matros is offering DDOSers of a charity stream meant to help raise money for orphaned children in Haiti a tour of the orphanage in response to their attacks. Earlier today, members of reportedly disrupted a live charity stream hosted by Matros through a distributed denial-of-service attack, leading Matros and those donating […]

Battlefield 3 96-Hour Double XP Event Back On Track for End of May News 37

News 37 Battlefield 3 is finally in double XP at the end of May. Originally scheduled for May 9, the event was postponed due to denial-of-service attacks on DICE’s servers. It seems that the studio has worked out the issues and is getting everything back on track. Starting on May 23 and going through to May 27, Battlefield […]

Incoming Battlelog Update Will Help Support “The Future of Battlelog” News 60

News 60 An incoming update for Battlefield 3’s social stat-tracking service, Battlelog, will fix some bugs and improve navigation, according to a recent news update from the DICE team. “Battlelog will receive a minor update on May 14, mainly focused on bug fixes and some redesigned elements to make navigation quicker and clearer,” reads the post. In […]

Battlefield 3 DLC Half Off on Xbox Live, Premium 30% Off News 6

News 6 Microsoft’s Major Nelson recently revealed that all of Battlefield 3’s expansion packs will be discounted from May 14th until May 20th on Xbox Live. Every expansion pack released for the title will be 50% off, but Battlefield 3 Premium will only be 30% off. Battlefield 3: Premium DLC 2800 (30% off) Battlefield 3: End Game […]

Battlefield 3 and Battlelog Outages a Result of ‘Activity Aimed at Overwhelming Game Servers’ [Updated] News 38

News 38 The Battlelog, along with Battlefield 3‘s game servers, are currently experiencing issues resulting from what appears to be cyber attacks, as development studio DICE looks into possible solutions. The team has announce via Twitter that “the current Battlefield 3 and Battelog outages are a result of activity that appears to be aimed at overwhelming our […]

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