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New Metal Gear Online 3 Demo Showcases Class-Based PvP Combat & New Team Mechanics News 11

News 11 Brand new gameplay from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’s online multiplayer component, Metal Gear Online 3, debuted earlier today from TGS 2015, showcasing class-based multiplayer battles with intriguing new team-based mechanics. In Metal Gear Online 3, players can either use their Metal Gear Solid V Avatar, or create a brand new character to take into […]

Metal Gear Online Delayed To October On Consoles, January 2016 On PC News 3

News 3 While it’s some good news that the PC edition of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain will be launching the same day as its console counterparts, Konami has also revealed that all platforms will be seeing a delay for the multiplayer component of the game. Confirmed via Twitter, Metal Gear Online will be seeing […]

Watch Metal Gear Online In Action, Now With Developer Commentary News 3

News 3 Building off the debut of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’s competitive online multiplayer at last year’s The Game Awards, developer Kojima Productions LA recaps the previously seen footage, but now with developer commentary and new insight. Metal Gear Online Community Manager Robert Peeler walks viewers through the footage step by step, highlighting what sort of […]

Metal Gear Online Debuts Next Week During The Game Awards News 9

News 9 The annual Game Awards is almost here, and to increase hype levels for this year’s show, it has just been announced that a Metal Gear Online reveal wil be one of the many surprises to debut next week. Next Friday night I’m honored @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN will join us at @thegameawards to world premiere Metal Gear Online. — Geoff […]

Metal Gear Solid 5 Multiplayer To Feature Online Mother Base Invasions News 1

News 1 Game director Hideo Kojima recently shared some very light details on one of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain’s multiplayer features, hinting at an invasion-style feature that was spotted near the end of the game’s E3 2014 trailer. “I cannot talk too much, but for people who saw the presentation, it ends with your Mother Base […]

MGS5 Director On Ubisoft’s The Division: “It’s So Good, Makes Me Want To Quit My Job” News 16

News 16 When E3 2013 opened it’s doors, Ubisoft wasn’t quite expecting the famed director of the Metal Gear franchise, Hideo Kojima, to be so keenly interested in their upcoming open-world shooter, The Division. Though, that is what they got. David Polfeldt, Managing Director of Ubisoft Massive Entertainment, recently told Eurogamer about their experience. “What meant more to us than maybe […]

Metal Gear Online – Why It’s Being Developed In America And Not Japan News 17

News 17 Metal Gear Online is making a return in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, and despite it being a large success in Japan with earlier iterations, Kojima reveals why they decided to move the development over to their Los Angeles studio. Fans in Japan have criticized MGO development, stating that it should be developed in their […]

Kojima Previews Metal Gear Online, Says It Looks “Promising” News 26

News 26 Just a few days ago, Kojima Production held an opening ceremony for their new Los Angelos studio. At this ceremony, Kojima, the director of the Metal Gear Solid franchise, got a first-hand exclusive look at Metal Gear Online. People at LA studio showed me the MGO that they are working with. Looked promising. — HIDEO_KOJIMA […]

Metal Gear Online Coming to an End on June 12th News 8

News 8 Konami has officially announced today that the servers for Metal Gear Online, the multiplayer portion of PS3’s MGS4, will be unplugged on June 12th, which marks the game’s four year anniversary. On March 21th, the online shop will be closed, but all expansion packs and reward shop equipment will be free to access on April 24th with some exceptions, which you […]