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Predator Hunting Grounds Review – Jungle Fever Reviews 0

Reviews 0 With Illfonic finding success in Friday the 13th: The Game, the studio has now been tasked to deliver a similarly styled multiplayer affair using the Predator license. The big question here is: does Illfonic find success a second time, or does this Predator instead become the prey? Read on to find out in our Predator […]

Predator Hunting Grounds Update 1.05 Released for Fixes News 0

News 0 Illfonic has released a new patch for Predator: Hunting Grounds that fixes a few of the game’s issues. PS4 gamers will see this as Predator Hunting Grounds update 1.05, and this is includes a fix for matchmaking queue waiting times and more. Predator Hunting Grounds update 1.05 patch notes: General Fixed an issue where some […]

Predator Hunting Grounds Day One Update Brings it to v1.04, Patch Notes Listed News 0

News 0 With Predator: Hunting Grounds launching tomorrow (or later for some), some might be wondering whether there’s an update required to start the multiplayer game. Well, there is! There’s a Predator Hunting Grounds day one update which brings it to version 1.04. Predator Hunting Grounds day one update patch notes: General: We are continuing to work […]

Predator Hunting Grounds Preload Now Live News 2

News 2 In preparation for this Friday’s launch, the Predator Hunting Grounds preload is now available, weighing in approximately 11.5GB. It’s not a very large game at all, though don’t let the size fool you into thinking the title lacks content as Illfonic stated the trial was just a small chunk of the final game. There are […]

Predator Hunting Grounds Post Launch Content will be Talked About Soon, Has Gone Gold News 0

News 0 The launch of Predator Hunting Grounds is nearly upon us, and developers Illfonic finally broken silence to address some concerns and confirming the title is indeed ready for launch as it has recently gone gold. Not only that, but developer Illfonic has mentioned that it will talk about Predator Hunting Grounds post launch content soon. […]

Predator: Hunting Grounds Demo Impressions – Grenade to the Head News 2

News 2 I’ve always had my suspicions with every trailer released for this game, but given there’s a demo for Predator: Hunting Grounds, I was ready to give it the benefit of the doubt. If you’re curious about my time spent with the demo and what it felt like, read on for our Predator Hunting Grounds demo […]

Predator Hunting Grounds Free Trial Weekend Overview News 0

News 0 In case you didn’t know, IllFonic (Friday the 13th: The Game) has a treat for PS4 and PC gamers this weekend, as their upcoming game, Predator: Hunting Grounds, is getting a free trial weekend! Those looking to play the Predator Hunting Grounds free trial, we got the full overview of what to expect for this […]

Predator Hunting Grounds Dutch Cameo Possibly Hinted at by Arnold Schwarzenegger News 6

News 6 We are just one month away from the official release of Predator: Hunting Grounds, and while Sony and Illfonic games have shown plenty of footage surrounding the game, the one question that keeps running through everyone’s mind is: Will it have any cameos from the movies? While that question remained to be answered, it would […]

Here Are the Last Big PS4 Exclusives Being Released in 2020 Before the PS5 Is Out News 0

News 0 In case you didn’t know, the next generation of video games is almost upon us! Before the year is done, we’ll be getting our mitts on the Xbox Series X, and the PS5. Now before PS4 gamers do that, there’s still a lot of big PS4 exclusives left to be played, and we rounded up […]

Predator Hunting Grounds Released Date Announced, New Gameplay Shown News 0

News 0 Earlier today at Sony’s State of Play video presentation, the company revealed the Predator Hunting Grounds release date along with a new gameplay video. Predator Hunting Grounds is set to hunt players this April 24, 2020 on the PS4! As you can see, there are multiple Predator types that players can play as. There’s the […]

Predator: Hunting Grounds Gameplay Trailer Revealed News 0

News 0 As promised, our first look at Predator Hunting Grounds gameplay trailer was finally aired during the gamescom convention, giving us our first true look at the game. You can watch the official gamescoms gameplay trailer down below. We will have more in-depth breakdown of the trailer up later this week so be on the look […]

Predator: Hunting Grounds Gameplay Reveal Coming Monday News 0

News 0 It has been confirmed that Predator: Hunting Grounds gameplay reveal will be apart of the many announcements at this year’s gamescom. For those that had forgotten, earlier this year Sony had announced that a new Predator game was in development exclusively for the PlayStation 4. We were teased with a very short trailer along with […]

Predator: Hunting Grounds Announced for PS4, Being Developed by Friday the 13th: The Game Devs News 2

News 2 In today’s State of Play by Sony, a new game based on the Predator movie IP was announced called “Predator: Hunting Grounds.” In development by IllFonic, which is the same studio that brought us Friday the 13th: The Game, Hunting Grounds is competitive multiplayer shooter that has one player playing as the Predator! Check out […]

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