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Defiance Advanced Mission Beta 3 Will Include Xbox 360 and PlayStation Users News 9

News 9 It will also be NDA free, meaning participants of the beta will be able to talk openly about it and share in-game footage. That means you’ll get to see more of Trion World’s open-world, action-shooter Defiance in action. Details of the upcoming beta are as follows, with more details on invites to come: Advance Mission […]

Get A Sneak Peek at Arma 3, Alpha Now Live, Public Beta Arrives This Summer News 11

News 11 Bohemia Interactive gives Arma fans a sneak peek at Arma 3 through this brand new Alpha Showcase trailer. In the Alpha, you’ll be able to get your feet wet testing out the unforgivingly realistic infantry, scuba, vehicle and helicopter gameplay, giving you a taste of what Arma 3 is all about. You can join the […]

Crysis 3 Multiplayer Beta Impressions News 32

News 32 The Crysis 3 multiplayer beta is live and is here to stay until the 12th of February, one week before Crysis 3 officially launches on the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on February 19. What do we think of it so far? Let’s kick things off with what most Crysis games are judged by: […]

Crysis 3 Gets a Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer News 33

News 33 You’ve gotten a taste of Crysis 3 multiplayer with the ongoing beta on the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, but Crytek is anxious to show off real deal. The full Crysis 3 multiplayer package is set to include 12 different maps and 8 different game modes, including the unique Hunter mode you’re currently playing in […]

Defiance – New Live Action Trailer, Advanced Mission Beta 2 and VBI Kit Giveaway News 9

News 9 A new live action trailer for Trion World’s upcoming, open-world shooter sets Defiance on course for an April 2 release date. Additionally, new beta details arise and we got stuff to give away. First off, have a gander at the brand new live action trailer for demonstrating some alien vs human action as the Ark […]

Crysis 3 Beta Begins, Amazon Offers $20 Credit and Free Crysis Digital Download Pre-Order Bonuses News 26

News 26 The official Crysis 3 beta has finally launched on the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 simultaneously for your enjoyment until the 12th of February, a week before the game officially launches on all platforms this February 19. To help you get used to your new nanosuit and to give you a bit of a […]

Crysis 3 Beta Arrives January 29, Nanosuit Gameplay Trailer News 19

News 19 Prepare for maximum testing. The official Crysis 3 multiplayer beta arrives this January 29. Unlike the Xbox 360-exclusive Crysis 2 multiplayer beta/demo that took place in 2011, Crysis 3’s multiplayer beta will be available on all platforms and will run for two weeks (until February 12), giving you ample testing time, and developers Crytek a […]

God of War: Ascension Multiplayer Beta Impressions – Insanely Fun, Brutal, Addictive, But Unbalanced News 15

News 15 When Santa Monica announced that the God of War series would be receiving Multiplayer, I had my doubts. The game, up to this point, has been known for its amazing single player story. To add an MP element to a game dedicated to single player seemed like the wrong move and angered many fans. With […]

God of War: Ascension – “Evil Ways” Multiplayer Trailer, Trojans and PS+ Beta Dated News 4

News 4 With the God of War: Ascension beta finally kicking off, Santa Monica has revealed a brand new multiplayer trailer showing off the game in all it’s beautiful gore. That’s not the only thing that Santa Monica had to share today. If you played The Rise of Warrior and happened to be on the losing side […]

God of War: Ascension Multiplayer Beta Has Officially Started, New Video And Challenges News 11

News 11 For those who recently received a God of War: Ascension Multiplayer voucher Code from Rise of The Warrior, wait no longer as you can now officially start downloading and playing the beta. The Beta weighs in at 2 GB (including the latest Patches), which should take no longer than an hour to download, though speeds […]

God of War: Ascension Beta Codes Now Available, Begins December 12th News 14

News 14 As of today, players of the Rise of The Warrior Challenge will be able to get their early Beta Access code for God of War: Ascenion. Though I was on the winning side (Spartan’s), according to the tweets made by Santa Monica, the Beta is available to both teams. That means if you were on […]

Dust 514 in Closed Beta For The Rest of The Year, Key Giveaway News 14

News 14 For those who were hoping for an open beta for the PS3 exclusive, Dust 514, you may have to wait till next year. Speaking with Eurogamer, CCP games have told them that the Beta would most likely remain closed till the end of 2012. “Things are going well,” CCP Games exec David Reid said. “We’ll […]

God of War: Ascension Beta This Winter For PS+, New Trailers and More News 4

News 4 Santa Monica and Sony revealed today two brand new trailers for their upcoming, hack and slash epic, God of War: Ascension. Along side this, they have also detailed when players can expect the beta to drop and whats inside. Zeus, the almighty God of Olympus will be the first of the four gods that players […]

Danger Close Reveals Medal of Honor: Warfighter Xbox 360 Beta Stats and Updates News 34

News 34 With the Medal of Honor: Warfighter Xbox 360 beta at an end, it’s time to find out what exactly both the community and development team have accomplished within the 10 days of testing. While Danger Close was busy making adjustments and fine tuning the gameplay, the community, on the other hand, seems to have been […]

Interview – Danger Close Wraps-Up Medal of Honor: Warfighter Beta and Prepares for Deployment News 32

News 32 With the Medal of Honor: Warfighter Xbox 360 beta all under wraps, Danger Close studios is now only a week and a few days away from sharing their Frostbite 2-powered sequel to 2010’s Medal of Honor reboot with the rest of the world. So, exactly what kind of feedback was received from the beta, how […]

PS All-Stars Public Beta Available Tomorrow For PS+ And Vita Users, Next Week For Others News 0

News 0 Good news to those who have been wanting to try out Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale for either the PS3 or PS Vita. Starting tomorrow, PS+ subscribers or PS Vita owners will be able to download the beta. For those who were in the closed beta a couple months back, this beta will pretty much offer […]

Medal of Honor: Warfighter Beta Receives A Server Update News 50

News 50 Thanks to Community Manager Seeson Mahathavorn, we got the first information regarding a server update pushed to the Medal of Honor beta. While the beta for the most part is holding it’s own and is not plagued by any ground-breaking bugs or glitches, there are a few issues that Danger Close decided to tweak for […]

MP Talk – Medal of Honor: Warfighter Edition News 84

News 84 Welcome to MP Talk, Medal of Honor: Warfighter Edition. As per the title, this week’s episode is dedicated entirely to the recently released Medal of Honor: Warfighter Beta on the Xbox 360. We give you our thoughts and impressions and let you know what we hope for the final release. But more importantly, we want […]

Medal of Honor: Warfighter Xbox 360 Beta Now Live News 7

News 7 It’s time to go loud with the Medal of Honor: Warfighter Xbox 360 Beta. Now live, any Xbox 360 Gold member can simply download the client from the Xbox Live Marketplace. Either visit the in-browser Marketplace right here, click on the advertisement on the Xbox 360 Dashboard, or follow these steps: Games > Browse Games > Demos […]

[Updated] Medal of Honor: Warfighter Xbox 360 Beta Dated News 79

News 79 Update Danger Close welcomes you to the Medal of Honor: Warfighter beta on the Xbox 360 in this announcement video below. Additionally, creative director Christopher Bergqvist takes us through some of the features we can expect from the beta, as seen on the official MoH blog. Fireteams Kicking things off is our exciting new Fireteams feature […]

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