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Battlefield Premium Accidentally Confirmed by Sony, Allegedly Releases June 4th On PSN Along With Close Quarters News 35

News 35 Seems like the official European PlayStation Blog may have “accidentally” released information concerning the much rumored Battlefield 3 Premium service. According to the store preview from the blog post (now fixed), Battlefield 3 will be releasing it’s premium service on June 4th along with the first new multiplayer expansion pack, Close Quarters. The pricing for […]

Battlefield 3 – Online Retailer Reveals Potential Release Dates for Close Quarters and Armored Kill News 78

News 78 With the month of June quickly closing in, many Battlefield 3 fans are getting anxious to find out more about DICE’s upcoming DLC plans. As many already know, DICE has confirmed Close Quarters to drop this June while Armored Kill was announced for fall 2012. Though End Game is officially slated for a Winter 2012 […]

BF3 – More Battlefield Premium Details Surface Revealing What’s Included And Title of 5th DLC News 117

News 117 From the same sources that leaked initial details of Battlefield Premium, we’ve learned further information on what exactly might be offerred in this “premium” package. Of course, this information is unofficial until proven otherwise by DICE or EA, but here’s what we know so far. Update 2: coolshop UK lists Battlefield Premium at 34.96 GBP which […]

BF3 Close Quarters Focuses On HD Destruction Without The Distractions, Tweaks to Grenades, RPGs, C4 and Claymores News 58

News 58 Senior VFX Artist at DICE Nadab Göksu gives Battlefield 3 fans a sneak peak at the type of work that went into creating the beautiful HD destruction that will be causing quite the mess in the upcoming Close Quarters DLC. To see some of it in action, make sure to check out the latest “Donya Fortress” […]

Battlefield 3: Close Quarters Will Not Cost $30 According to Fact Sheet News 38

News 38 If you’ve been keeping up with the Battlefield 3 rumors lately, you’ll most likely have heard about the $30 price tag that was recently said to be slapped on DICE’s upcoming Battlefield 3: Close Quarters DLC. This all began when listed Close Quarters at $29.99, most likely by mistake. This, of course, alerted much […]

[Updated] Battlefield 3 – Battlefield Premium Leaked, More DLC, New “Bonus Content” and Double XP Weekend News 148

News 148 Update 2: DICE has just announced on their official Facebook page that the double XP weekend will begin at 12:01am PST tonight (early Saturday morning): Be Advised, Battlefield 3 players – This weekend we’ll be doubling every experience point that you earn on the Battlefield ranked servers. Every kill, assist, revive – you name it, it’s doubled. At […]

EA: Battlefield 3 to Receive “New Content Downloads” in May and June News 74

News 74 EA has released today the financial results for its fourth quarter of the fiscal year. Among other Battlefield 3 highlights, EA reveals that new content for the game is set to release as early as this month. The first expansion pack for Battlefield 3, Close Quarters, was revealed back in March with a June release date. […]

DICE Promises “12-18 Months of Value for Battlefield 3” and Details Upcoming DLC, Close Quarters and Armored Kill News 60

News 60 Close Quarters Lead Designer Niklas Fegraeus and Battlefield 3 Executive Producer/Temporary DICE CEO Patrick Bach talk Battlefield 3 DLC, Close Quarters and Armored Kill, and lay out DICE’s future plan for Battlefield 3. Speaking to VG247, Niklas Fegraeus describes Close Quarters as an “indoor Battlefield.” To check out some gameplay footage for yourself, make sure to take […]

[Updated] Battlefield 3: Close Quarters Weapon List – Three New Weapons Revealed and a Modified .44 Magnum? News 73

News 73 Update: DICE Senior Designer has confirmed via Twitter that the weapons listed below will, indeed, be included in the Battlefield 3: Close Quarters DLC. Regarding the modified .44 Magnum, Halling clarified, “it’s a result of a dev-setting on the server they played on when recording. Not an unlock in retail.” Original Story: With the latest Battlefield 3: Close […]

Battlefield 3: Close Quarters Off-Screen Footage From PAX News 60

News 60 YouTuber Welchy963 was able to sneak some Battlefield 3: Close Quarters footage off the floor at this year’s PAX. Here, you can see him playing on the same map that was shown in the latest Close Quarters gameplay trailer, Ziba Tower. You can notice the tight, close quarters, corridor fighting that DICE was obviously going […]

DICE: “We Can See The Need and Urge For More” Close Quarters Maps News 102

News 102 DICE has been in the crosshairs of a number of upset fans lately. Why you ask? Reading the comment section of most articles pertaining to the upcoming Battlefield 3 DLC, Close Quarters, will tell you that there are those Battlefielders who aren’t too happy with the direction DICE is taking this time around. Tight, infantry-based […]

BF3 Close Quarters Will Introduce New Game Mode: Conquest Domination, No Rush? News 79

News 79 Earlier, we reported that Battlefield 3: Close Quarters would feature the classic game modes of Rush and Conquest. As it turns out, it looks like this won’t be the case after all. Rush fans will have to look elsewhere while fans of Conquest can look forward to a slight variation of the game type we […]

BF3 Armored Kill Will Have The “Best Vehicle Experience,” Where’s The Tutorial Mode? News 91

News 91 By now, many of you know that Armored Kill, Battlefield 3’s third DLC entry after the upcoming Close Quarters and the previously released Back to Karkand, is said to boast the largest map in Battlefield 3 history. Exactly how big might this map be, you ask? “I actually don’t know the kilometer size of it, but […]

[UPDATED] BF3 Close Quarters has Rush and Conquest, New Weapons to be Playable in Vanilla, No 64 Players, and More News 59

News 59 Update: Close Quarters will feature a new game mode called Conquest Domination; however, Rush might not be a part of the expansion pack. Learn more here. Original Story: Battlefield 3’s Executive Producer, Patrick Bach, talks Close Quarters, and touches on the perceived rivalry between FPS juggernauts, Call of Duty and Battlefield. Since the announcement of Close […]

Seven New Weapons Spotted in Battlefield 3: Close Quarters News 128

News 128 Seven brand new weapons have been revealed in the debut trailer for Battlefield 3: Close Quarters, the first of three expansion packs coming to Battlefield 3 throughout the year. During the trailer, if you pay close attention to the kill feed in the top right corner, you can notice seven of the ten new weapons that will […]

Battlefield 3: Close Quarters “Ziba Tower” Gameplay Trailer News 58

News 58 It’s time to get our first look at the brand new, upcoming DLC from DICE, Battlefield 3: Close Quarters. This trailer takes place on the map “Ziba Tower” and, as you can see, is very close quarters. It’s this tight, infantry-based gameplay that DICE will be focusing on delivering for this particular DLC. Players can […]

Battlefield: Evolved Leaked, More On Battlefield 3 DLC News 56

News 56 More and more Battlefield. That’s exactly what fans need. It seems that they are in no short supply with the recent DLC announcements as well as a newly leaked Battlefield title. Also, check out some screens of the upcoming DLC. UK-based retailer Hight Street listed an entirely new Battlefield 3 title on their 2012 release […]

Battlefield 3 to Recieve Three Expansion Packs – Close Quarters, Armored Kill, and End Game Announced News 103

News 103 EA announced today that Battlefield 3 will receive three expansion packs throughout the year; the expansion packs are subtitled, Close Quarters, Armored Kill, and End Game. After going Back to Karkand, Battlefield 3 players can expect three more expansion packs for Battlefield 3. As Patrick Bach reiterate DICE’s desire to make expansion packs rather than map pack by stating, “instead […]

Battlefield 3 DLC Rumor – “Close Quarters” News 65

News 65 New details regarding the next Battlefield 3 expansion pack have been leaked. Before we dive into this DLC rumor, let’s recap what we have been hearing about the next Battlefield 3 expansion pack so far. One rumor we reported on earlier is the possibility of an All-American map pack, in which new maps would be set […]

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