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Evolution of Counter-Strike (from Half-Life Mod to Global Offensive) News 1

News 1 The world of gaming is vast, with many dimensions of various titles. Some of them are small and disappear quickly. Some are big and still they slowly move away to shadows of forgotten. And some games are so huge that it seems like everyone in the gaming community knows them – they remain for many […]

Counter-Strike Co-Creator Charged for Sex Exploitation of a Child News 0

News 0 Counter Strike Co Creator Can’t Post Bail Due to Sexual Exploitation Charge Against a Child With sexual harassment cases from Hollywood and the sporting world now coming to light after years, and even decades, of abuse from predators, it seems the video game industry isn’t spared from the shame and controversy surrounding it as well. […]

CS:GO Battle Royale Available to Play Through Custom Game Mode News 0

News 0 With rumors pointing towards a possible battle royale mode for CS:GO, many gamers have been expressing their excitement at playing the hardcore shooter in PUBG-esque fashion. Though there’s no official confirmation that “Survival” will be coming to CS:GO, the mere notion of such a game mode has people hyped and ready to fight to the death. Thankfully, CS:GO players don’t […]

CS:GO Update Further Improves Dust II Map & Fixes Bugs News 0

News 0 CS:GO has a new patch out, which fixes a couple of bugs and makes improvements to the Dust II  map, while also improving performance. Find the full list of CS:GO patch notes below: DUST II Adjusted bullet penetration value of wooden doors Smoothed out ground displacements for more predictable grenades Adjusted shadow ambient color temperature […]

CS:GO De Dust 2 Map Updated to Be More “Refined” News 0

News 0 If there ever was a fan-favorite map in shooters, it’s de_dust and de_dust2 in Counter-Strike. While Dust2 has been out of the competitive scene since early this year, it seems the reason for that is quite simple: Valve is tweaking it to be an “updated and refined” version moving forward. Nothing concrete has been announced […]

Counter-Strike Winter Offensive Update Brings Holiday Cheer to This Shooter News 6

News 6 Winter is coming to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment are bringing holiday cheer to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with the announcement of a holiday-themed “Winter-Offensive” update. In this update, developers are giving community members the chance to turn themselves into an army gift-givers with three unique packages: Gift Package – Give one random item […]

Battlefield, Counter-Strike, And Call of Duty Maps Recreated In Far Cry 3 News 42

News 42 When we heard about Far Cry 3 Map editor, we expected many great things to come of it, but not something like this. Youtuber, ShadowZack has taken some of our favorite maps from other multiplayer shooters like Battlefield 3, Call of Duty, and Counter-Strike, and has recreated them by using the Map editor in Far Cry […]

Arctic Combat Takes a Page Out Of Counter-Strike, Literally News 25

News 25 The free-to-play first person shooter, Arctic Combat, seems to be under some fire with private testers finding very a familiar discovery. Titled “Sand Storm”, this Arctic Combat map has players battling it out in fast-paced and tight, close quarter areas. Now if that video above didn’t remind you of anything, here’s a classic, similar-looking map […]

It’s Our First Birthday! A ‘Thank You’ From MP1st News 89

News 89 Good day MP-heads! Today is a most excellent day as it is MP1st’s very first birthday. A brief bit of history: A year ago, my partner, Fahed Jaradat, and myself set out to create a cool, hip and happening place that gamers just like us could gather to keep up on everything multiplayer. That meant […]