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Treyarch Gearing Up Towards a Black Ops 2 Zombies Reveal, Nuketown Zombies? News 43

News 43 We’ve seen the single player and we’ve seen the competitive multiplayer, but those elusive Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombies are still nowhere to be found. That could change soon, however, as Treyarch has been leaving trails leading to what could be the initial reveal of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2’s Zombies, Treyarch’s “biggest, […]

Zombies to Plague Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Launch This Tuesday, August 21 News 43

News 43 When Counter-Strike: Global Offensive launches this Tuesday, August 21, you’ll find the terrorists and counter-terrorists will have something a little more important on their hands to deal with than shooting each other. Zombies, that’s right, zombies, will be plaguing the PC launch of CS:GO. According to the official blog, “the guys over at have […]

E3 2012 – Black Ops II Recent Footage Reveals Multiplayer and Zombies Screens and Intel News 17

News 17 Yesterday, Treyarch gave Call of Duty fans a behind-the-scenes look at Black Ops II which happened to be filled with both multiplayer and Zombie hints and clues. We’ve broken down some of the more important stills which should hopefully give you a better picture of what the Black Ops II’s multiplayer and Zombies modes are […]

E3 2012 – Black Ops II Behind-the-Scenes Video, MP and Zombies Discussed News 21

News 21 “The multiplayer community is everything to us. We have such an avid fan base,” says Treyarch in a brand new behind-the-scenes video for Black Ops II. In this video, the folks over at Treyarch go through all three components of the game with main emphasis on the campaign, as you know the studio is saving zombies and […]

Black Ops II Zombies – “We Just Want To Keep Making It,” Says Treyarch News 32

News 32 Mark Lamia, Studio Head at Treyarch, entertains the idea of a spinoff for the ultra-popular Call of Duty game mode, Zombies. “That’s interesting, because you know we finally did exclusive DLC Zombies for Black Ops; it had its own marketing campaign, had no multiplayer maps, had no campaign. It was just zombies,” referring to the […]

Black Ops II Multiplayer Being “Stripped Back To The Core,” Zombies No Longer a Mini-Game News 65

News 65 Treyarch talks about bringing Black Ops II’s multiplayer back to the basics and hints at a much bigger zombies mode, including competitive game modes. Though Black Ops II multiplayer details are scarce at the moment, the latest issue of the Official Xbox Magazine revealed some aspects of Treyarch’s philosophy behind their plans to innovate when […]

[Update] Are These Leaked Black Ops 2 Screenshots Real? News 44

News 44 Update: It has been reported that these images could be modified screens of DUST 514 and, therefore, could quite possibly be fake. The same YouTuber, zevodesign, “leaked” this “Black Ops 2” image below which is straight from the DUST 514 trailer. Consider these debunked. Thanks to Josh and many other readers for the info! Original Story: If Black […]

Black Ops 2 Zombies – 8 Player Co-Op, Bigger Maps, and New Modes News 205

News 205 Treyarch studio head, Mark Lamia unveils the future of Black Ops 2 Zombies. For all you zombie fans out there, don’t worry Treyarch has been listening to you all and understand that you want more zombies in the game. Treyarch’s Mark Lamia has revealed that Zombies have now been placed inside their multiplayer engine. According to […]

Treyarch is “Taking E-Sports to the Mainstream” With Black Ops 2 Multiplayer, More on MP Design and Zombies News 70

News 70 Studio Head at Treyarch Mark Lamia and Game Design Director David Vonderhaar discuss Black Ops 2 multiplayer, E-Sports and everyone’s favorite: Zombies. In case you haven’t heard, Black Ops is kind of a big deal again, what with the recent Black Ops 2 reveal trailer which we highly recommend checking out. If that’s not enough for you, […]

Black Ops 2 Zombies Mode Confirmed, “Non-Linear Gameplay Elements” in the Campaign News 67

News 67 Now that you’ve seen the reveal trailer, you might be wondering whether zombies will make it back to Black Ops 2.  To ease your concerns, Treyarch has confirmed that Zombies will be back, which comes as no surprise as since World at War it has been become one of the most popular modes in Treyarch […]

Zombies Confirmed for “Black Ops 2”? News 78

News 78 Could we be seeing yet another instalment of Treyarch’s popular Zombie mode in their next Call of Duty title? Sound Designer on Zombies, Collin Ayers, hints at the possibility. Considering the massive success of the first two iterations of Zombie mode in World at War and Black Ops, it would not be surprising to see […]

Why PC Gamers Are So Passionate About Their Mods News 25

News 25 PC gamers are becoming a minority. Not because less people play PC games, but because more people are playing on the consoles. 15 years ago, almost every gamer could be considered hardcore by today’s standard. Things have changed. The gaming industry is as big, if not bigger, than the movie industry and along with that, […]

MW3 Spec Ops and The Importance of Self-Revive News 4

News 4 As many of you know, Spec Ops is returning to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, but this time with a bit of a twist. On top of the classic style missions that we got in MW2, Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games are now adding a Survival mode which should have many gamers clinging to […]

Rezurrection Live at 2:00 am + How to Get it for Free (Hardened and Prestige Owners) News 2

News 2 Josh Olin, aka JD_2020, announced that Rezurrection will hit Xbox Live at 2 pm (PDT)., and we’ve provided a guide on how to download the new map “Moon” for Hardened and Prestige owners. Treyarch’s Community Manager shared on twitter that “Rezurrection releases tonight on Xbox Live at approximately at 2:00  am PDT.”  Rezurrection, which is priced at […]

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