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BioWare Wants to Add More Anthem Stronghold Missions “as Soon as Possible,” and Will Be Free News 0

News 0 Just a few weeks ago, we reported that Anthem will have three Stronghold missions available at launch. For those not familiar with it, Stronghold missions are some of the game’s endgame activities, and will require a four-man team to coordinate with each other to complete. Think of them as a shorter version of Destiny’s Raids, […]

Anthem Guilds Won’t Be Available at Launch, BioWare Explains Alliance System News 0

News 0 If you’ve played the Anthem demo and completed a mission, chances are you might have seen an Alliance bonus when it comes to XP. Now if you’re not familiar to what it is, and what constituted the bonus, here’s the official explanation. BioWare Producer Ben Irving posted a message on Reddit announcing that Anthem guilds […]

Anthem PC Controls and UI Overhauled for Launch, Here Are the Changes News 0

News 0 If you’re playing Anthem on PC and find the flight controls, and even the UI (user interface) a tad harder than it needs to be, you’re not alone. Thankfully, BioWare has already modified how the Anthem PC controls for flight work, as well as the UI. Over on Reddit, Producer Ben Irving posted the changes […]

Anthem Combos Using Primers and Detonators Explained in One Handy Graphic News 2

News 2 While Anthem might seem like your typical third-person shooter at first glance, the game’s combat system is a lot more nuanced than simply pointing a gun, and shooting at a target. Sure, that’ll work, but if you want to inflict massive damage on the game’s enemies, you’ll want to learn how to properly do Anthem […]

BioWare Clears Air Regarding Anthem Microtransactions, Confirms Players Won’t Be Able to Buy Crafting Materials With Real Money News 2

News 2 With Anthem set to be playable by everyone later today as it’s open demo starts, some players might be wondering what features the game has that BioWare isn’t making available in the demo. We know that the social hub called the Launch Bay is one, and how the Anthem microtransactions stuff is another. BioWare has […]

BioWare: Anthem Demo Players Should See “Significant Improvements” Over Last Week News 0

News 0 It’s safe to say that last week’s Anthem VIP demo experience wasn’t the first impression BioWare wanted to make to players given how many technical issues we’ve encountered. While last week’s Anthem demo was a bit more exclusive, the studio is opening the floodgates for everyone tomorrow. For those worrying that we’ll see more technical […]

Anthem Demo Download Links, Exact Time & End Date, and Everything You Need to Know News 1

News 1 In less than 24 hours, would-be freelancers will finally be able to jump inside a javelin and pilot these badass suits of destruction in the Anthem open demo! If you’re looking forward to it, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve listed down the Anthem demo download links for all platforms, exact time when […]

Anthem Demo Update 1.01 Rolled Out in Preparation for the Open Demo News 0

News 0 If you’ve played (or at least tried to) play Anthem during the VIP demo week last weekend, check your demo client now, as there’s an Anthem demo update 1.01 that’s now available on all three platforms. Clocking in at 178MB on PS4 (300MB on Xbox One, 272MB on PC), the update history notes for the […]

Anthem Post Launch Plans to Include New Enemies, New Area, Different Weather States and More News 1

News 1 While Anthem isn’t even out yet, the fact that it’s a game that relies heavily on live services means that players will be expecting a steady flow of post-launch content from BioWare. It seems the studio is very much aware of it, and has confirmed that the Anthem post launch plans include new enemies, new […]

Top 5 Anthem Improvements We Want to See Based on the Demo News 1

News 1 Technical and server issues aside, we liked what we played of the Anthem VIP demo last week. Having said that, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for improvement. On the contrary, we think there’s quite a number of Anthem improvements we want to see either for this weekend’s open demo, or in the final […]

These Anthem Comics Covers Are Fantastically Well Made and There’s One for Each Javelin News 1

News 1 While Anthem isn’t a slouch in the graphics department, a fan by the name of Fabio Carretti one-upped EA and BioWare in terms of making the game’s javelins look badass by drawing comic book covers for each! Yes, shown below are (unofficial) Anthem comics covers, which shows off the Storm, Ranger, Colossus, and the Interceptor! […]

Anthem Demo Early Impressions – Rage Against the Machine News 0

News 0 With Anthem set to fly out on February 22, 2019, BioWare has carved out a chunk of the game in order for people to experience it firsthand — well, at least that was the intent, anyway. Unfortunately, the Anthem VIP demo ran into quite a few hurdles that it really didn’t fail to overcome until […]

BioWare Lists Anthem Demo Issues Being Addressed for Next Week, Outlines Items Already Fixed in Launch Build News 0

News 0 It’s no secret that the Anthem VIP demo that just concluded this past weekend was more or less a disaster for BioWare. While that might be the case, the studio is soldiering on for this upcoming weekend’s open (read: public) demo. Over on the official BioWare blog, Head of Live Services Chad Robertson has listed […]

BioWare Gives Second Vinyl as Anthem VIP Demo Reward, Unlocks All 4 Javelins News 1

News 1 If you took part (or at least tried to) in this week’s Anthem VIP demo, you’ll no doubt, ran into issues like the infinite loading bug, or not being able to connect at all. While it doesn’t look like we’re getting a VIP demo extension, BioWare is indeed giving out an Anthem VIP demo reward […]

BioWare: Anthem Infinite Load a “Difficult One,” Admits They Might Not Resolve It This Weekend News 2

News 2 Are you an Anthem VIP demo participant? Have you encountered the Anthem infinite load glitch? While BioWare has mentioned a workaround that seems to work, it’s not an ideal scenario if you’re pushing people to buy your online-focused game. Over on the BioWare blog, Head of Live Service Chad Robertson has posted a message apologizing […]

BioWare Gives Anthem Demo Infinite Loading Glitch Workaround, EA Lists Current Issues Demo Has & It’s Not Pretty News 8

News 8 If you’ve been trying unsuccessfully to play the Anthem VIP demo, you’re not alone. As far as we know, all three platforms are suffering connectivity issues now, which BioWare says is not related to servers at all. Now, if you did manage to connect, there’s another bug hindering you from playing, and it’s the Anthem […]

Anthem Demo Connection Problems Not a Server Issue, Fans Clamoring for Demo Extension Due to Outage News 2

News 2 If you’ve been frantically trying to log in to the Anthem VIP demo since it went live earlier today, then you’re part of a large group of gamers (including me) that  are stuck watching a screen that tries and tries to connect to servers but fails constantly but fails to do so. We’re a few […]

Here’s the Complete Anthem Map Pieced Together News 0

News 0 Just last week, we posted our first look at the Anthem map, though it wasn’t the entire thing. Well, now, we have the complete Anthem map, which was pieced together by Reddit user SkrillRKnight. Full disclosure though, BioWare has not mentioned if there are other areas, or how vertical the map is given that javelins […]

Anthem Store Items First Look, BioWare Says These Aren’t Final Pricing and Will Balance It Almost Daily News 0

News 0 In case you didn’t know, Anthem will have its own in-game currency system called “Coins,” which will be available in the VIP demo set to become playable tomorrow. If you’re curious how the Anthem store looks like, and what people can get from it, wonder no more. Below, we see our first look at the […]

Anthem Will Only Have 3 Stronghold Missions Available at Launch With One Playable in the Demo News 7

News 7 Earlier today, BioWare showed off the Anthem VIP demo by doing a livestream on IGN. While playing BioWare Producer Scylla Costa mentioned that there’s going to be three Stronghold missions available in Anthem at launch. Stronghold missions are team-based quests in Anthem that require teamwork, and will net the players excellent rewards. Think of them […]

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