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Rocket League Update 1.83 September 29 Hits the Field News 0

News 0 Heads up, Rocket League footie fans! Psyonix has released the Rocket League update 1.83 September 29 patch and it includes a host of gameplay bug fixes! This patch should be out on all platforms by the time you read this. Head on below for the official patch notes. Rocket League Update 1.83 September 29 patch […]

Rocket League Update 1.82 September 22 Vrooms Out News 0

News 0 Psyonix Studios has kicked out the Rocket League update 1.82 September 22 patch for fixes and then some. This patch is available now on the PS4, Xbox One, Nitntendo Switch and PC. Head on below for the full patch notes. Rocket League Update 1.82 September 22 patch notes: CHANGES AND UPDATES User Interface The Play […]

New Rocket League Update 1.81 September 16 Kicks Out News 0

News 0 Announced yesterday, Psyonix has released the new Rocket League update 1.81 September 16 patch which preps the game for its free-to-play (F2P) transition, and includes a host of new fixes and adjustments. This is called the Rocket League v1.79 patch by Psyonix and we have the full patch notes below. New Rocket League Update 1.81 […]

Rocket League Free to Play Release Date Announced for September 23 News 0

News 0 In case you didn’t catch it, Psyonix announced that Rocket League was going free-to-play back in July. While we didn’t know exactly when that will happen at the time other than in “summer,” the studio revealed the Rocket League free to play release date and it’s September 23! If you want to be more specific, […]

Rocket League Update 1.80 July 3 Patch Brings Fixes, Competitive Season 14 Extended News 1

News 1 Psyonix Studios has released the Rocket League update 1.80 July 3 patch and it’s out now on all platforms! This is purely for a fix, so don’t expect any new content included in it. Check out the official patch notes below. Rocket League update 1.80 July 3 patch notes: PSA: An update is now available […]

Rocket League DC Super Heroes Crossover Gets a Trailer Showcasing the Batmobiles! News 0

News 0 Are you a fan of Rocket League? Have you ever wanted to use the Batmobile to net you goals all the while saying “I’m Batman!” over and over again? If so, here’s your chance! Psyonix has teamed up with DC to bring us the Rocket League DC Super Heroes DLC Pack! Check out the trailer […]

Rocket League Cross Platform Party Support Being Worked on for 2018 News 0

News 0 Who wouldn’t want to team up — regardless of platform — when it comes to playing Rocket League, right? While that’s not available now, developer Psyonix is actively working on making that a reality. Over on Twitter, the official Rocket League Help account mentioned this little tidbit in answering a fan’s concern. Hey there! We’re […]

Rocket League Review – Portable Mayhem (Nintendo Switch) Reviews 1

Reviews 1 Rocket League burst onto the scene in 2015 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, and became an instant hit with its wacky premise of rocket-powered cars that played soccer (or football). Since release, Rocket League has made a name for itself for being a game that is both fun and casual, while also being […]

Rocket League Nintendo Switch Release Date Is November 14 News 0

News 0 Rocket League, the acrobatic battle cars that play soccer, is coming to the Nintendo Switch on November 14, and yes, it supports cross-play!  Rocket League will cost you a cool $19.99 USD or the regional equivalent and be available to download on the eShop(no news on whether a physical retail copy will be available). The […]