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[Updated] Black Ops 2 PS3 Update 1.04 Patch Notes – SMGs Get Nerfed, Xbox 360 To Follow This Weekend News 218

News 218 PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 users can look forward to an incoming Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 update. According to Treyarch, a PlayStation 3 update will be dropping tonight at 11pm PST while Xbox 360 users can expect a similar update this weekend. No details or patch notes have been given as of yet, […]

Upcoming Black Ops 2 Patch Will Fix Theater Mode Error, Escort Drone and Dragonfire Glitches and More News 107

News 107 We’ve got a few hints at what sort of fixes we can look forward to in the next Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 update. Responding to concerns on Twitter, Game Design Director David Vonderhaar lets fans know what’s been fixed in the next update, and what is still being looked into. First, Vonderhaar mentioned […]

Counter-Strike: GO Beta Receives Major Update, Now Supports Up to 30 Players News 20

News 20 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive now supports 15v15 on official maps. Increasing the player limit has been “one of the most requested map features,” according to the latest dev blog. “The spawn locations have been prioritized to accommodate various numbers.” The developers noted, “server operators, if you allow for more players, you may want to play with the bot […]

Ghost Recon Future Soldier Beta Gets Updated, Here’s What’s New News 7

News 7 On the heels of the Ghost Recon Future Soldier beta extension, Ubisoft and Red Storm have just pushed out a new update to implement weapon and equipment tweaks, as the developers continue to incorporate player feedback into perfecting the game. Here’s fix list as written on the official forums: Weapon Changes: Adjusted aim sensitivity to improve consistency Reduced the […]

Battlefield 3 Devs Detail Incoming Updates, More Hints of Snow Maps, Android Battlelog App On The Way News 74

News 74 Developers at DICE share some updates regarding upcoming Battlefield 3 patches and hint, once again, at snow-covered maps making their way to BF3. Also, more on the Android version of the Battlelog app. The recent Battlefield 3 patch did bring with it it’s fair share of issues. Luckily, along with previously promised updates, Senior Gameplay […]

Battlefield 3 Xbox 360 Patch Now Live, Fix for Heat Seekers and TV-missiles on PS3 and 360 News 54

News 54 DICE has released latest Battlefield 3 patch for Xbox 360 bringing a slew of fixes and tweaks. Also, there will be a server side fix for both Xbox 360 and PS3 to iron out problems with heat seekers and TV-missles. Update: Gustav Halling has asked via Twitter, “PS3 and Xbox players, is there any improvement […]

Twisted Metal – Axel Coming for Free In Next Patch, Leaderboards, Tweaks, and Other Fixes Coming News 24

News 24 David Jaffe discusses the upcoming Twisted Metal patch, which will contain a few pleasent surprises. Good news for those who have been waiting for Axel to be released for Twisted Metal, David Jaffe has confirmed on Twitter that in the next patch he will become free for everyone. Jaffe stated, Originally Axel was only available to […]

MW3 – Black Box Glitch Getting Hot Fixed Soon, Matchmaking Issues to be Resolved Later News 12

News 12 Two recent problems pertaining to Modern Warfare 3 are coming to an end soon. The glitch on the new map Black Box will be resolved today, and the matchmaking problems that have cropped up since patch 1.10 will be ironed out at a later point. As the Black Box glitch become more wide spread, Infinity […]

New Update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta Adds New Maps, Weapons, and Much More News 2

News 2 “The beta so far has been great and being a great beta means it has been rocky. We have had crashes, we have had bugs, and we have had great feedback that has changed the game. All of that makes sense. This is a game in development, a development you are part of,” wrote the […]

Modern Warfare 3 Matchmaking Problems in “Remote Areas” to be Addressed Soon News 13

News 13 Yesterday, Modern Warfare 3 received patch 1.10 on Xbox 360. It is still unknown what the patch changed in term of fixes, but at least one problem cropped up again. After the release of Modern Warfare 3, players in smaller countries experienced matchmaking problems. Those issues were ironed out by the end of last year. Unfortunately, since patch 1.10 was released, […]

Battlefield 3 PS3 Update Fixes Weapon Animation Bug News 27

News 27 Battlefield 3 servers should be back up and running across all platforms after a period of stability maintenance yesterday. On top of this, it seems that some bug fixing for PS3 users was also in the works. DICE has stated on the Official Battlefield Blog that “Starting tomorrow (March 13th), you can re-download a new, […]

Call of Duty Elite: Feb 12 Build Notes – YouTube Linking Fixes and Much More News 6

News 6 The guys over at Beachhead studios have released a major update to Call of Duty Elite yesterday, February 12. It’s worth noting that Activision’s Hirshberg recentely promised players that Elite will receive “additional features in the next 60 days.”  Here are the build notes as shown on the official forums: Career Adjusted the Custom Class wizard to […]

New MW3 Xbox 360 Update Allows Elite DLC Access for Multiple Profiles News 12

News 12 Infinity Ward has released a new mandatory update for Modern Warfare 3 on Xbox 360. It’s worth noting that PS3 version of the game also received a new patch, 1.08, which Xbox 360 users downloaded on January 24th. However, unlike patch 1.08, the new update is not intended for weapon rebalancing and bug fixes, it is […]

DICE is “making good progress” with BF3 PS3 Input Lag and VOIP Issues News 35

News 35 Daniel Matros gives Battlefield 3 players an update on the input lag and VOIP issues that have been holding back the PS3 version. We know many of you have been anxiety waiting for an update regarding the issues the PlayStation 3 version of Battlefield 3 is experiencing. Up until now, DICE has only been saying that these are known problems […]

Modern Warfare 3 Matchmaking Update Now Live and Community Playlist Rotation Promised News 1

News 1 Robert Bowling reveals that a new update (hotfix) has been released earlier today for Modern Warfare 3. The matchmaking issues for smaller countries is apparently coming to an end with an update that when live a few hours ago. Robert Bowling explains that he “pushed another MW3 update for users in remote regions”. This update was “based on feedback.” On another note, when […]

Modern Warfare 3 Getting New Game Modes This Weekend News 5

News 5 Robert Bowling, Infinity Ward’s Creative Strategist, has announced that new game modes will be making their way to Modern Warfare 3. In Modern Warfare 3, players are able to create custom game modes via private matches to play with friends. However, these “custom games” aren’t accessible through ranked public matchmaking. The team behind MW3 has noticed a few […]

Modern Warfare 3 – “Spawn Logic” Looked Into, “No Shotgun Buffs” and Much More News 9

News 9 Robert Bowling, a.k.a. Four Zero Two, shed some light on several issues troubling the Call of Duty community. The Spawn System and Matchmaking On the heels of yesterday’s new patch announcement, which included what Infinity Ward is working on beyond the patch, Robert Bowling responds to fan feedback. A few weeks ago, we reported on how […]

New Modern Warfare 3 Patch is Now Live on PS3 and Xbox 360 News 18

News 18 A new Modern Warfare 3 patch is now available to download on consoles. As Robert Bowling, Infinity Ward’s Creative Strategist, promised a few days ago, today MW3 has been patched with supposedly the much awaited “thanksgiving” patch that should address lag, matchmaking, and rank loss issues. The patch size for the PS3 is 21 MB and 4 MB for the 360, and you […]

Battlefield 3 Server Update Details News 6

News 6 A server update for Battlefield 3 is being rolled out shortly that should provide some fixes to the number of issues being reported by the community. According to our earlier report on server issues, it sounded like these problems should have already been fixed. Hopefully it will be smooth sailing from here on out. Since […]

Battlefield 3 Beta Servers Restart to Improve Stability and Connectivity News 0

News 0 Earlier today, we reported on the beta issues DICE is working on, which will be fixed in either the beta or the final retail game. However, the bigger issue that’s been holding back the beta is the stability of the game servers on all platforms. Yesterday, the 360 version was affected the most, we kept getting disconnected from the server […]

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