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Borderlands 2 – New Patch Fixes Unlimited Bank Vault Glitch and More, Now Live News 27

News 27 As we reported earlier, Gearbox is patching a glitch that allowed players to essentially hoard as many items as they pleased in their bank storage. Along with a number of other fixes, said patch is now live on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. However, for those who have used this unlimited bank space […]

Aliens: Colonial Marines PC Patch Adds Toggle For Filter Grain and Increased Security, Now Live News 11

News 11 The latest patch for Aliens: Colonial Marines has been released once again for the PC last night. Earlier, it was pulled just moments after it went live due to users experiencing issues such as the Bug Hunt DLC not being recognized and becoming unplayable. Is now been re-released, but with the DLC issue fixed, and according to […]

Defiance Beta Xbox 360 Patch Addresses Lag And Login Issues, Now Live News 10

News 10 The third beta for Trion World’s action MMO Defiance is currently underway as participants experience both co-op and competitive action in an alien infested war zone. According to the ‘Community Overlord,’ Sledgehammer70, a recent patch on the Xbox 360 version of the beta just went live, addressing a number of issues. Some users who have been […]

Borderlands 2 – Recent Patch Fixes Add On Disc DLC Recognition News 4

News 4 For weeks now, those who have purchased the recent add-on disc for Borderlands 2, which included the first two campaign DLC’s as well as other goodies like the Mechromancer character class, have experienced issues with accessing certain areas or using loot acquired only in these DLC’s. Luckily, those affected can now expect some fixes. As of […]

Report – Upcoming Black Ops 2 Patch To Include a New Game Mode? News 68

News 68 We don’t know much about the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 patch, but based on previous statements made by Treyarch Game Design Director David Vonderhaar, there’s a chance it may include a brand new game mode along with other big changes, as well as… dinosaurs. What do you guys think? Could a new […]

League of Legends Pre-Season Update 1 Patch Notes News 5

News 5 If anyone has played League of Legends after the latest patch, you’ll most likely have noticed some items (League of Cleavers) as well as Champions (Rengar, Zyra, Teemo, Diana, Pantheon) were completely overpowered, breaking the game, as players started using mostly these things to gain an advantage over other players. Thankfully, Riot Games has decided […]

New Borderlands 2 Patch On The Way For PS3/Xbox 360 And More News 19

News 19 Good news vault hunters! If you’re currently enjoying Borderlands 2 on the PS3 and XBOX 360 platforms but have been affected by a mysterious freezing bug or have been waiting patiently for a fix for the Master Gee freezing issues, then you’re in luck. Community manager over at Gearbox Software, Chris F. has recently stated […]

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Multiplayer Receives a New Balancing Patch News 5

News 5 Today, High Moon Studio released a brand new patch for their Transformers title, Fall of Cybertron. This patch addresses some of the classe’s weapons, abilities, and upgrade values found in the multiplayer portion of FoC. Patch Notes Infiltrator Scatterblaster damage increased to 15 per pellet from 12 – Those who got early access to the […]

Modern Warfare 3 Hot Fixes Tonight, Details on Upcoming Patches News 15

News 15 Update: The official MW3 website has released notes for the latest hotfix: Player Stats: Fix for both team’s receiving losses at the end of a round based gametype (Demolition, CTF, Search & Destroy) Map: Lookout Fix for players being able to hide behind tarp Fix for stealth bomber not damaging players Original Story: Tonight, Modern […]

Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Update 3 Now Live, Close Quarters Maps Revealed, and More News 63

News 63 DICE has released another patch for Battlefield 3. The patch packs in a slew of fixes and balance tweaks. You can find the complete list of patch notes through here. The new patch is currently not available on all platforms (only PS3 and Xbox 360), and is not live in all countries. Not all users […]

New Modern Warfare 3 Updates for Xbox 360 and PC Now Live News 1

News 1 Two new Modern Warfare 3 patches for Xbox 360 and PC are now available to download. Xbox 360 Elite DLC download issues have been resolved, and PC gets an update preparing the platform for Collection 1. The Xbox 360 patch fixes the download problems for new premium Elite users as we reported yesterday. The patch […]

Battlefield 3 Devs Detail Incoming Updates, More Hints of Snow Maps, Android Battlelog App On The Way News 74

News 74 Developers at DICE share some updates regarding upcoming Battlefield 3 patches and hint, once again, at snow-covered maps making their way to BF3. Also, more on the Android version of the Battlelog app. The recent Battlefield 3 patch did bring with it it’s fair share of issues. Luckily, along with previously promised updates, Senior Gameplay […]

MW3 Elite Maps Sanctuary and Foundation, New Patch Now Live on Xbox 360 News 17

News 17 The latest Call of Duty Elite drops and a new patch for Modern Warfare 3 are available to download on Xbox 360. The seventh and eight DLC drops can now be downloaded through the in-game store. Sanctuary and Foundation will set you back 87.11MB and 114.04MB respectively. Along with the new maps, a new title update is […]

Battlefield 3 Xbox 360 Patch Now Live, Fix for Heat Seekers and TV-missiles on PS3 and 360 News 54

News 54 DICE has released latest Battlefield 3 patch for Xbox 360 bringing a slew of fixes and tweaks. Also, there will be a server side fix for both Xbox 360 and PS3 to iron out problems with heat seekers and TV-missles. Update: Gustav Halling has asked via Twitter, “PS3 and Xbox players, is there any improvement […]

Battlefield 3 Xbox 360 Patch Announced To Release April 3rd, Patch Notes Included News 55

News 55 DICE has announced on the Official Battlefield 3 Blog that the Battlefield 3 Xbox 360 patch will be available to download on the April 3rd. Release times are as follows: Between 9 AM UTC – 1 PM UTC Between 5 AM EST – 9 AM EST Between 2 AM PST – 6 AM PST On top of all […]

Upcoming Battlefield 3 Tweaks to Suppression, Shotguns and Hopefully Vehicles – More News on Xbox 360 Patch News 63

News 63 With the recent Battlefield 3 patch out and in the hands of controller squeezing, mouse grabbing, keyboard smashing Battlefielders, many are noticing faces of the good, the bad, and the ugly. DICE Senior Gameplay Designer Alan Kertz responds to fan feedback and reveals what’s in store for future tweaks. Let’s start with the good: Shotgun […]

Battlefield 3 PS3 Patch Impressions By TheEnd News 39

News 39 Our friend “TheEnd” provides Battlefield 3 players with his first impressions of the recently released PS3 patch. Luckily, PS3 users have been able to enjoy this patch for a few days now, with PC users not so far behind. We are still awaiting news of an Xbox 360 patch. Make sure to let us know […]

Battlefield 3 Console Server Guide by Leutin09 News 13

News 13 Since the latest Battlefield 3 PS3 patch, many will have noticed that console players now have the ability to rent their very own private servers, much like their PC brethren. Of course, this feature will be available in the upcoming Xbox 360 patch as well. While a very welcome and valuable addition, there still are […]

Battlefield 3 PC Patch Impressions by d0n7bl1nk News 20

News 20 YouTuber d0n7bl1nk, who recently hit his two-year YouTube anniversary, gives us his first impressions of the latest Battlefield 3 PC patch that went live earlier today. If you’ve missed it, make sure to check out what the latest PC patch brought to the table by reading up on some of the patch notes here. PC players […]

[Updated] The State of Battlefield 3 – MAV Glitch, Input Lag, Private Servers, PC Glitches and Xbox 360 Patch News 113

News 113 So, what’s the state of Battlefield 3 after the recent PS3 and PC patches? Besides many, many good things, PS3 servers are selling like mad, input lag is ‘sort of’ fixed, the MAV is still ridable, a few PC glitches, and the Xbox 360 patch is still nowhere to be found. Since the recent PS3 […]

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