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Battlefield 3 – Additional PC Patch Notes for March 29th News 44

News 44 If you’ve been keeping up with the news, you’ll know that DICE has officially announced the Battlefield 3 PC patch to go live tomorrow, March 29th between 9 and 11:30 CET [5am-6:30am EST]. Wondering what additional, PC-specific content will be included this time around? We’ve got you covered. EA Community Manager Ian Tornay has posted on […]

[Updated] A List of Unannounced PS3 Battlefield 3 Patch Notes News 110

News 110 Missed out on all the Battlefield 3 PS3 patch details? No problem! You can catch up on all the latest news right here. As many PlayStation 3 users may have already noticed, a number of features made it into the patch that weren’t officially announced in the recent patch notes provided by DICE. Thanks to a […]

Battlefield 3 PS3 Patch Timing, Private Server Info and Surprise Features In Store for BF3 Fans News 55

News 55 Global Community Manager Daniel Matros and Senior Designer Gustav Halling have provided some information regarding the upcoming Battlefield 3 PS3 patch as well more news on private servers. PS3 owners will be able to look forward to the Battlefield 3 early tomorrow morning. Matros stated on his twitter account: “Maintenance and client update coming in […]

Twisted Metal – Axel Coming for Free In Next Patch, Leaderboards, Tweaks, and Other Fixes Coming News 24

News 24 David Jaffe discusses the upcoming Twisted Metal patch, which will contain a few pleasent surprises. Good news for those who have been waiting for Axel to be released for Twisted Metal, David Jaffe has confirmed on Twitter that in the next patch he will become free for everyone. Jaffe stated, Originally Axel was only available to […]

Battlefield 3 Patch Delay on Xbox 360 and PC Clarified News 91

News 91 Yesterday, as many already know by now, DICE announced a release date for the PS3 version of the upcoming Battlefield 3 patch as well as provided a number of patch notes with PC fixes and updates thrown in as well. You can read up on the release date and entire list of notes right here. Noticeably, a […]

Next Battlefield 3 Patch Dated on PS3, Patch Notes Released, Xbox 360 and PC Still Unknown News 6

News 6 The announcement all Battlefield fans on PS3 have been waiting for is finally here, input lag will be addressed in the next patch. DICE has revealed that we can expect the next big Battlefield 3 patch to release on March 27th on PS3, and has also included a list of changes we can expect to […]

[Updated] Battlefield 3 Patch Release Date Leaked, Official Announcement Postponed News 63

News 63 While we wait for an official statement regarding the upcoming Battlefield 3 patch from developers at DICE, leaked information has hit the internet revealing a date for two of the three platforms. Community website Battlefieldo seems to have received word of a release date thanks to “multiple inside sources.” These sources state that Battlefield 3 players can expect […]

DICE Will Reveal BF3 Patch Release Date Tomorrow, PC Patch Won’t Come Sooner, And More News 131

News 131 It was only a couple days ago a recent server update went live in order to lay the groundwork for the upcoming Battlefield 3 patch. This naturally got many Battlefield fans excited as the highly anticipated patch inches closer and closer to a release date. By the way, for a full guide detailing how the […]

Battlefield 3 Server Maintenance March 20, DICE Prepares For Incoming Patch News 78

News 78 With the incoming Battlefield 3 Patch just around the corner, DICE will soon be performing server maintenance across all platforms as they make preparations. According to a post on the official Battlefield 3 Facebook page. DICE will be “rolling out several backend updates” in order to “lay the groundwork for the upcoming patch.” As a […]

Battlefield 3 Dev Comments on Lack of DLC and Why DICE Avoids Platform Favoritism News 88

News 88 DICE developer Alan Kertz sheds some light on some of the processes behind updating a game like Battlefield 3, including the reasons for the lengthy period without any word of DLC. In response to a recent Joystiq article, Kertz clarified via Reddit that “the big reason that ‘[DLC is] taking so long’ is that we pushed hard […]

Battlefield 3 Patch Submitted for Certification – Still No ETA, “Hopefully” This Month News 64

News 64 Battlefield 3 Global community Manager, Daniel Matros, has updated fans on the status of the upcoming Battlefield 3 patch. Daniel Matros has taken to Twitter revealing that the next Battlefield 3 patch is in its final stages. For console players, Matros confirmed that the patch is currently going through the certification process by Sony and Microsoft. He […]

Expect Battlefield 3 Update Sooner Than Later, DICE Explains Big Patch Sizes News 64

News 64 EA Community Manager Daniel Matros, talks about the upcoming patch’s release date while Gameplay Designer Alan Kertz, explains the process and why DICE opts for bigger patches. Many Battlefield 3 fans are asking for a more specific release date for the upcoming “Spring” patch, said to include some brand new game features. Matros was unable to […]

Starhawk Beta Patch 1.3 Drops Later This Week, New Map and Other Features Added News 0

News 0 Lightbox president, Dylan Jobe discusses the Starhawk Beta’s next big patch. Lightbox Interactive have finished their final weekend of play tests on patch 1.3 and will be deploying it in the coming days. However, if you were lucky enough to log in earlier, then you might have already gotten the chance to download patch 1.3 […]

Twisted Metal Update No. 3 Delayed, Nuke Mode XP Changes Are Live News 9

News 9 David Jaffe gives an update on patch number 3 along with Nuke Mode changes. For those who have been waiting for the next Twisted Metal update, there are some issues with it according to David Jaffe Twitter feed. The team has been testing out the third patch, and found a bug where the games crashes 100% […]

List of Tentative Weapon Attachment Accuracy Plots Planned For Next Battlefield 3 Patch News 71

News 71 The recent list of tentative weapon tweaks has been updated with info regarding accuracy plots that will be affected by the various weapon attachments in the upcoming Battlefield 3 patch. Legend: Left = Weapon without attachment. Middle = Weapon with attachment. Right = Weapon with attachment and forgrip. Attachments: Click on the attachment name for a list […]

Major Battlefield 3 Patch Planned For Spring, Will Include New Features – Possible DLC Announcement at GDC News 78

News 78 Karl Magnus Troedsson, General Manager at DICE, talks about the upcoming Battlefield 3 patch and hints at some new features to be revealed shortly. According to an early, German version of the new series, Inside DICE, the upcoming Battlefield 3 patch (which will be released across all platforms) will include some brand new features on […]

Battlefield 3 Patch Details – DICE Developer Addresses Shotgun and Comrose 2.0 Concerns News 56

News 56 With the recent tentative weapon tweak list making it’s way around the Battlefield community, Senior Gameplay Designer, Alan Kertz, is receiving buckets of feedback to to sift through and take into consideration. Recently, the community has questioned some changes made to shotguns. Kertz provides his thoughts and also comments on the recent tentative patch notes, […]

List of Confirmed Fixes and Tweaks Coming to Battlefield 3 in the Next Big Patch News 117

News 117 Global Battlefield Community Manager, Daniel Matros, shared on the Battlelog some of the fixes that the team at DICE has been working on for the next big patch. “Big” is an understatement as you’ll find below a massive list of confirmed patch notes. Daniel Matros, aka zh1nt0, posted a lengthy list of all the fixes that should […]

[Updated] List of Tentative Weapon Tweaks Planned for Next Battlefield 3 Patch – 2nd Edition News 25

News 25 Update 3: Read here for a list of tentative weapon attachment accuracy plots planned for the next battlefield 3 patch. Update 2: Added further details for various weapon attachments. Update 1: DICE has recently released a Full List of Confirmed Fixes and Tweaks Coming to Battlefield 3 in the Next Big Patch, so make sure to check that out to […]

[Updated] Battlefield 3 Developer Reveals Further Patch Details and Updates News 109

News 109 You may have seen a recent list of upcoming weapon changes making its way to Battlefield 3 floating around. If not, check it out right here. However, there are still some other patch details you may not yet know. Luckily, we’ve gathered a number of fresh pieces of info straight from Senior Gameplay Designer, Alan […]

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