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New Star Wars-related “Next Gen Open World Action Game” In Development at EA Canada News 8

News 8 As indicated by recent job postings from the Vancouver, Canada division of publisher Electronic Arts, a “New Next Gen Open World Action Game” is allegedly in the works and is in need of “an experienced Animation director”, among other positions. The listing, originally discovered by Kotaku, reads that “EA Canada is looking for an experienced […]

PvP Warzone Arenas Coming to Star Wars The Old Republic, New Live-Action Trailer News 2

News 2 Fans of BioWare’s now free-to-play Star Wars MMORPG The Old Republic can look forward to some brand new PvP content early next month. On October 1, BioWare is introducing new 4 vs 4 Warzone Arenas to the game via Game Update 2.4: The Dread War. The update will also add two brand new Operations for […]

Expect Star Wars: Battlefront in Summer 2015, Says EA News 19

News 19 Eager Star Wars fans can mark Summer ’15 as the launch window for the highly anticipated sci-fi shooter from DICE, Star Wars: Battlefront, according to publisher Electronic Arts. Speaking in a briefing call to shareholders, CFO Blake Jorgensen said, “The first game that we’re focused on is Battlefront. It’s a traditional game that’s done extremely […]

Star Wars: Battlefront is “Well Into Development,” According to EA and DICE News 27

News 27 DICE is “well into development” on the upcoming Battlefront game that got every Star Wars fan all up in a nerd-panic during the announcement at this year’s E3 (that includes us). During Electronic Arts’ recent FY14 Q1 earnings call, EA Games Label president Frank Gibeau talked about Star Wars: Battlefront since it’s official unveiling earlier this summer. […]

E3 2013 – Star Wars: Battlefront Announced, Teaser Trailer Revealed News 25

News 25 After loads of rumors and speculation, EA today announced that DICE will be developing the brand-new Star Wars: Battlefront for next-gen consoles and PC. More details incoming as story develops.

E3 2013 – Other Than Battlefield 4, DICE Has ‘A Couple Of Surprises Up Their Sleeves’ News 44

News 44 Karl-Magnus Troedsson, general manager and vice president of DICE, the same company that brought you Battlefield 3 and will be bringing you Battlefield 4 this Fall, addresses the E3 2013 crowd with a special, pre-event announcement. Without a doubt, DICE will be showing off Battlefield 4 in all its glory during EA’s press conference on […]

Star Wars – EA Is Excited By The “Opportunity To Do a New Battlefront…” News 9

News 9 Video game publisher EA is excited by the opportunity to work on some of its upcoming Star Wars projects, including the possibility to continue the sorely missed Star Wars: Battlefront series. Speaking at the Stifel 2013 Technology Conference, CFO Blake Jorgensen dropped the hint, saying, “the opportunity to do a new Battlefront, for example, which is […]

DICE Will Show Battlefield 4 Multiplayer and Discuss Star Wars Games June 10 News 22

News 22 With the Xbox One cat finally out of the bag, so to speak, Battlefield developers DICE have taken to the media to make a few special announcements. Earlier, DICE officially confirmed Battlefield 4‘s presence on the next-generation consoles – the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 – and revealed that the game would ship on October […]

DICE Opening New Studio in LA to Recruit Top Talent, New Job Listings Surface News 14

News 14 As DICE expands its development resources to work on multiple titles in years to come, the developer has opened an LA based studio with the main objective to recruit top talent. Speaking with the Wall Street Journal via Joystiq, DICE’s General Manager Karl-Magnus Troedsson stated,”there is an extreme talent pool over that we want a part of. It’s no secret that […]

DICE and Visceral to Produce Star Wars Games in Disney and EA Agreement News 59

News 59 Today, EA announced a multi-year exclusive licensing agreement with The Walt Disney Company to “develop and publish globally new games based on Star Wars characters and storylines.” According to the press release, these games will span “all interactive platforms and the most popular game genres, while Disney will retain certain rights to develop new titles within the mobile, […]

Star Wars: Battlefront III – Over 1 Hour Of Gameplay of The Cancelled Starwars Title News 9

News 9 While rumors have been speculating that the most recent Star War titles that have been cancelled (Battlefront III, 1313) are currently being picked up by other studios, nothing has been confirmed or announced yet since the departing of Lucas Arts. Either way, these past days have certainly been interesting, as more and more gameplay footage […]

Leaked Footage of a Cancelled Star Wars: Battlefront III, AKA “Version Two” – What Could Have Been News 49

News 49 Earlier this month, we reported that video game publisher LucasArts went under. Layoffs ensued as the studio, recently acquired by Disney, was shut down. Development on games like Star Wars: 1313 and the rumored Star Wars: First Strike ceased with no future in sight. Of particular interest to MP1st was the alleged free-to-play, multiplayer PC […]

Disney Shuts Down LucasArts – The End of Star Wars: 1313, First Assault and Battlefront 3? News 60

News 60 While the licensing name still exists, the studio of LucasArts, recently merged with Disney, is no more. Kotaku reports that “Disney has laid off the staff of LucasArts and cancelled all current projects” earlier today, halting production on games like Star Wars: 1313 and Star Wars: First Assault. LucasArts has issues the following statement: After evaluating our […]

Star Wars: First Assault – Leaked Images of Battlefront III’s ‘Predecessor’ News 16

News 16 Star Wars: First Assault is a downloadable first-person shooter set in the Star Wars universe, originally slated for a Spring release but later put on hold due to Disney’s recent acquisition of the Star Wars franchise. A source told Kotaku yesterday that the game will support up to 16 players in battles of rebels vs. […]

Report – LucasArts Working On An Unannounced FPS News 18

News 18 LucasArts is looking to hire new talent for an unannounced First-Person Shooter. According to two recent job postings at Lucasarts, positions of a Senior Core Engineer and Senior Animator are both looking to be filled to work on an unannounced FPS title. No further details about the game have been revealed, other than it being set to appear […]

Battlefield 3 Jet Pilot Uses The Force News 5

News 5 In this Star Wars themed Battlefield 3 video, YouTuber gerigm81 is in trouble and needs to figure out a way to dodge the enemy jet on his tail. Luckily, Old Ben Kenobi is on his side as he speaks to him through the force. “Use the sun, Luke,” said Kenobi, in all his wisdom. What […]

Top 5 Battlefield 3 Fan Art Crossover Edition: Star Wars, Mario, and More News 9

News 9 It’s been a while since we compiled some awesome Battlefield 3 fan art for you, but today the final piece of the crossover edition has arrived in the form of Darth Vader. Check out our previous Battlefield 3 artworks here. We provided full credit to the artists that created these. Unfortunately, we couldn’t track down who […]

7 Awesome Betas You Should Sign Up For News 4

News 4 There are two kinds of Betas. One that is primarily used as a promotional tool for a game’s hype building machine; the other is launched so that developers can test their games and servers with a bigger audience and ask for feedback to fine tune and tweak the final version. Today, we’ve compiled a list […]

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