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PSA – Destiny Players Experiencing Vault of Glass Raid Loot & Completion Bug News 36

News 36 If you’ve been grinding and farming away on Earth or other locations in the explorable solar system to build your ranks and access the Vault of Glass raid that launched last week, you may be in for a bad time. Users who’ve recently completed the raid have posted concerns on the Bungie forums that they […]

Rumor – First Person POV Coming To Next-Gen Grand Theft Auto News 24

News 24 Reddit user DrOversight has come across a Google web cache of an unreleased updated made by Rockstar in their support forums which lists quite a bit of information about the next-gen releases of one of the best-selling video games of all time. The star of the supposed post is the addition of a first-person point of view […]

Evolve’s Launch Moved to Early 2015 News 67

News 67 Earlier this week, we caught 23 minutes of exciting Evolve gameplay that was sure to get you pumped for its release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, but don’t get too excited. Take-Two Interactive, parent company of developer Turtle Rock Studios, recently announced in a report for their first fiscal quarter that the Evolve will […]

Watch 23 Minutes Of Heart Pounding Evolve Gameplay News 22

News 22 The last time we were graced with Evolve gameplay was a while back, at E3 2014. Now, with the recent announcement of Alpha keys for the game being sent out, it’s only a matter of time before we see additionaly gameplay, but this time it isn’t leaked, it’s official. JackFrags of YouTube got a chance to spend […]

Sony Says EA Access Doesn’t ‘Represent Good Value To The Playstation Gamer’ News 52

News 52 Yesterday, we reported that Microsoft had scored a deal with publisher Electronic Arts to bring Xbox Live members on Xbox One EA Access, an exclusive subscription service costing $5 a month or $30 a year that comes loaded with benefits like full game access and early game trials. Today, we learned that Sony, on the other hand, […]

Firmware Update 1.74 Hits PlayStation 4, Here’s the Changelog News 36

News 36 As an army of PlayStation users rush to their PlayStation 4s to enter the recently re-launched Destiny Beta, many will notice a new prompt to download the mandatory PS4 Firmware update 1.74. Patch notes are rather minimal for the just-released update. According to Sony, “System software stability during use of some features has been improved,” and […]

No Man’s Sky – Player Interaction Not a Core Component, Will Feature a Dedicated Multiplayer Experience News 17

News 17 The massive open universe in No Man’s Sky might not be so accommodating for player interaction, but developer Hello Games has got something in mind when it comes to offering a more traditional multiplayer experience in its upcoming sci-fi project. Speaking to GameSpot, Hello Games founder Sean Murray mentioned that “You can cross paths with […]

SCUF 4PS Competitive PlayStation 4 Controller Begins Shipping Next Month News 36

News 36 Scuf Gaming has narrowed down a launch date for the Scuf 4PS PlayStation 4 controller designed for competitive gamers in the first-person or third-person shooter scene. According to the latest press release sent to MP1st, the Scuf 4PS, originally announced last May, will begin shipping within the first two weeks of August with 14 unique front […]

The Division Developers Aiming For 30FPS On Xbox One and PlayStation 4 News 155

News 155 A desolate New York, a struggle for survival, and one hell of a hype train is what makes The Division so exciting. But what some might find not so exciting is a 30FPS frame rate and an unconfirmed resolution for Massive Entertainment’s open world survival game on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Managing director […]

Sony Confirms Playstation 4 & Vita Ultimate Player Bundle News 11

News 11 Following leaks on Amazon France, Sony has come forward confirming that the PlayStation 4 and Vita Bundle is real, but hasn’t stated a blanket availability or price yet, saying that it will be region specific. The bundle, which includes a PlayStation 4 and the new Vita slim model may run at a whopping $790, a price […]

Get The Details on the Free PlayStation Plus Edition of Driveclub News 10

News 10 Evolution Studios is giving racer fans a couple of options when it comes to how you want to play their upcoming next-gen PlayStation 4 driving game, Driveclub. According to community development manager Jamie Brayshaw, gamers will be able to pick up Driveclub on October 7 in one of two different ways; the standard Blu-ray disc edition, or the […]

PlayStation 4 Tops Hardware Sales in March Despite Titanfall Launch News 40

News 40 March was ‘supposed’ to be Titanfall month as Microsoft hoped to see a significant boost in Xbox One sales with the launch of Respawn Entertainment’s highly anticipated shooter. While it certainly helped Microsoft move more units, Titanfall’s launch was seemingly no match for Sony and the draw of the PlayStation 4. According to NPD, hardware sales […]

PS4 Console, Camera, and Controller Receive Price Increase in Canada News 10

News 10 Recent price increases in Canada for Sony’s latest console don’t appear to be temporary. Sony Computer Entertainment Canada confirmed with the Toronto Sun that the PlayStation 4 would be increasing in price from $399.99 to $449.99 effective today. The declining value of the Canadian dollar wasn’t cited specifically, but Sony did attribute the decision to recent […]

New PlayStation 4 TV Spots Showcase Destiny and Watch Dogs Gameplay News 12

News 12 Sony is hyping up two of this year’s biggest launches on the PlayStation 4. The studio has launched two new TV spots, one for Bungie’s Destiny and the other for Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs, showing off the console’s sharing capabilities. There are also some pretty cool gameplay clips in both that are worth checking out. Watch […]

“Uncharted” Announced For The PlayStation 4, Watch The First Teaser Trailer Here News 16

News 16 Uncharted is making it’s leap over to next-gen, as Sony announced during its live pre-launch PlayStation 4 event held in New York. Little is known about the game as the teaser trailer is all but a voice over, who isn’t Nathan Drake (main character). The game, however, like the previous titles, will likely feature multiplayer […]

Sony PlayStation 4 User Interface Walkthrough News 19

News 19 Sony Network Entertainment Vice President Eric Lempel shows off the brand new user interface of the PlayStation 4 launching tomorrow, November 15. Check out the video below showing off the new home screen, PlayStation Store and PlayStation Plus, as well as all of the new features the next-generation console boasts. You can also check out […]

The PlayStation 4 Launches Tonight Along With One of Sony’s Biggest Exclusive Being Announced News 65

News 65 The day has finally arrived. Starting at midnight tonight, Sony Computer Entertainment’s next-generation console, The PlaySation 4, will be available at retail stores across North America and other regions of the world. To celebrate this launch, Sony has released a live-action launch trailer and will be holding an pre-launch event where they plan on announcing […]

War Thunder PS4 Version Launching Nov. 29th Worldwide, Surpasses 5 Million Players News 5

News 5 Noticeably absent from Sony’s PS4 launch title list was the flight combat MMO War Thunder. Slated for a ‘Holiday 2013’ season, we now have a concrete release date. Gaijin Games has revealed the title will launch worldwide on Sony’s console November 29th. The release of the game coincides with the launch of the PS4 in […]

PlayStation 4 Day One Update Detailed News 60

News 60 Those taking home a PlayStation 4 when it launches next month can look forward to an day-one update to for the next-generation console. According to Sony, will add basic functions to the PlayStation 4 such as party chat and the ability to record your gameplay. Thankfully, this update won’t take long to download and install […]

Sony Confirms 8-Player Party Chat on PlayStation 4 News 72

News 72 Sony’s PlayStation 4 will be able to support up to eight players over party voice chat, the company has confirmed. Similar to the PlayStation Vita, social media manager Sid Shuman has confirmed eight-player party voice chat for the PlayStation 4 in the comments section of a Killzone: Shadow Fall post on the PlayStation Blog. “Party Voice Chat will […]

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