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Borderlands 2 – A First Look At Captain Scarlett And Her Pirate’s Booty DLC News 8

News 8 With the recent leak and reveal of Borderlands 2’s first upcoming campaign expansion, arriving just a few hours away, we get our first official look at ‘Captain Scarlett and her pirate’s booty’. Numerous gameplay videos have now surfaced give us a small glimpse of what this upcoming DLC has to offer: Thanks IGN for these videos If […]

Medal of Honor: Warfighter Multiplayer Gameplay Footage – Gamescom 2012 News 103

News 103 Dying for some more Medal of Honor: Warfighter multiplayer gameplay footage? The latest Fire Team multiplayer trailer definitely left gamers wanting more. If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure to check it out here. Luckily, we’ve managed to get a hold of some more multiplayer footage straight from this year’s Gamescom. Here, you can […]

Halo 4 – Off-Screen Spartan Ops Gameplay News 2

News 2 Halo 4, the exclusive first-person shooter on the Xbox 360 being developed by 343 industris, has yet to reveal much regarding the highly anticipated Spartan Ops game mode in terms of actual gameplay. Luckily, the HaloCouncil managed to bring us this glimpse of some off-screen Halo 4 Spartan Ops gameplay footage which you can check […]

MW3 Terminal Now Available For Free to All Xbox 360 Players, Gameplay Included News 15

News 15 The Modern Warfare 2 map, which was released for MW3 Elite members yesterday, is now available to download on Xbox 360 for all gold subscribers. The map is up on the marketplace with a download size of 65.07 MB. Be sure to read about the new Easter egg found on the map and the care package glitch Infinity Ward is […]

Gears Of War: Judgment – An In-Depth Look at the New Overrun Game Mode and Classes News 4

News 4 Gears of War: Judgment, People Can Fly and Epic Games’ newest addition to the Gears of War franchise, gets some brand new multiplayer footage. This video of the upcoming Xbox 360-exclusive third-person shooter shows off the new Overrun game mode and gives us an in-depth look at their new classes feature: A brief run-down of […]

Halo 4 Regicide Off-Screen Gameplay Video News 7

News 7 Once more, 343 industries sheds some light on their upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive, Halo 4, slated to release the 6th of November. In case you missed it, we last checked out Infinity Slayer in our earlier article, which puts a twist on the fan favorite game mode, Team Slayer. To accompany this new mode, 343 Industries is also adding […]

New Halo 4 Longbow Multiplayer Gameplay News 5

News 5 If you are one of the many fans of the Halo series or even just curious on how Halo 4 is shaping up, and here’s your fix of more Halo 4 goodness. After witnessing the reveal of Halo 4 a month ago at the E3 event in June, today is your lucky day, a new […]

Halo 4 E3 2012 Multiplayer Wrap Up Video Released News 0

News 0 At the last E3, 343 Industries held a special competition for the top MLG players, where they got the chance to play head to head with the developers. Some game modes that they got to try out included Infinity Slayer and Regicide, which were all played on the multiplayer maps Haven, Adrift and Longbow. Here’s a short […]

Borderlands 2 Co-Op Gameplay Walkthrough Video News 5

News 5 A full seven minutes of uncut gameplay has been released for Borderlands 2. In this walkthrough, you’ll learn all about the Siren along with some of the new skills being introduced to the game. Footage is courtesy of D’toid. Thanks, VG247

E3 2012 – Battlefield 3 Close Quarters Launch Trailer News 35

News 35 DICE has released the launch trailer for Battlefield 3’s second expansion pack, Close Quarters. Close Quarters release schedule: June 4th for PS3 Premium June 12th for Xbox 360 and PC Premium Week of June 18th: for PS3 Regular Week of June 25th: for PC and Xbox 360 Regular Click on the following links for more info on […]

E3 2012 – 120 Seconds of Glorious Halo 4 Multiplayer, Campaign and Spec Ops Gameplay News 7

News 7 343 Industries and Microsoft launched the Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference with a huge bang. Our eyes got to witness world premiere Halo 4 gameplay from the single player wich you can check out right here: Just released however, is 120 seconds of all modes within the Halo 4 universe, which you can view below: The […]

Second Max Payne 3 Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer Highlights Game Modes, Rewards, and Perks News 7

News 7 Watch the latest trailer for Max Payne 3, learn all about the different game modes, rewards, and perks that Max Payne 3 has to offer. Summary of the trailer: Gang Wars: Core of the Max Payne 3 Multiplayer. Goal is to take over rival gang turf. Pieces from story are used as the basis of […]

Crysis 3 Gets First Gameplay Trailer News 21

News 21 As promised in the teaser, EA and Crytek have released today the first gameplay trailer for Crysis 3. “The hunted becomes the hunter.” Prophet returns to a fallen New York, to find out that the city has been covered with Cell Corporation’s Nanodome. “Within the Liberty Dome, seven distinct and treacherous environments become known as the Seven Wonders.” […]

[UPDATED] Ghost Recon Future Soldier Multiplayer Beta Issues and Workarounds, Plus Gameplay News 72

News 72 Update #1: Added more issues, workarounds, and Tech Support information. The Ghost Recon Future Soldier beta servers are now up and running on PS3 and Xbox 360. You can learn more on how you can get into the beta here, and be sure to check out the complete multiplayer beta guide. Here are the known […]

Resistance: Burning Skies Multiplayer Trailer and Details News 4

News 4 The debut multiplayer trailer and more details have been released for the upcoming PS Vita exclusive title, Resistance: Burning Skies developed by Nihilistic Software. More details as written on the PlayStation Blog: 8 player multiplayer – Small games feature intense 2 vs. 2 combat and large games going all the way up to 4 on 4 […]

Medal of Honor: Warfighter Gameplay Trailer Released News 40

News 40 A first look at Medal of Honor Warfighter’s gameplay has finally been shown in a new gameplay trailer. While the footage used in the trailer is from the single-player, it should give us a feel for the multiplayer component of the game since the same studio, Danger Close, is working on both. The game is being powered […]

Brand New Far Cry 3 Multiplayer Details and Gameplay Footage News 36

News 36 What has Ubisoft been up to lately, you ask? Why, showing off some Far Cry 3 multiplayer, of course. Brand new gameplay footage has begun to surface as has a good chunk of juicy new details, including new game modes. Well, one of these game modes, Domination, isn’t so new to the FPS market, but […]

MW3 Collection 1 Gets Launch Trailer, Hits Xbox Live March 20th News 0

News 0 Activision has released the launch trailer for Modern Warfare 3 first DLC pack. The DLC pack is called Collection 1, and packs in four multiplayer maps, Piazza, Liberation, Overwatch, and Black Box along with two Special Ops missions, Black Ice and Negotiator. Collection 1 is set to release on Xbox Live on March 20th, and […]

Modern Warfare 3: New Trailer for February Elite Drop, Overwatch News 3

News 3 Activision has released a new trailer for the upcoming map, Overwatch. Overwatch will be the second Elite drop for Modern Warfare 3 Elite premium subscribers. The new map releases on February 21st on Xbox 360. No date was given for PS3 owners. The first Elite drop, Piazza and Liberation, is set to release on February 28th […]

New Modern Warfare 3 Trailer – Elite Drops: Liberation and Piazza Maps News 2

News 2 Activision has released a new trailer for the new Modern Warfare 3 maps, New York based Liberation and Piazza , which is set on the Italian sea side. After his debut in Elite’s latest trailer, Lt. Colonel Rob Riggle returns to break down the new maps for us.

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