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Medal of Honor Above and Beyond Single-Player Trailer Gives Us a Look at Real Life Events in WWII News 0

News 0 In case you didn’t know, Respawn Entertainment (Titanfall, Apex Legends) is working on a new Medal of Honor titled Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond. Now before anyone gets too excited, this is a VR-only game, though one that seems to be a full-fledged title based on WWII. At gamescom Opening Night today, Respawn gave […]

New Medal of Honor Game Announced but It’s Not What You Think, Watch the Gameplay Now News 0

News 0 It’s been quite some time since EA released an entry in its Medal of Honor franchise. That changes today, though it’s not what people were expecting (or most likely hoping). EA has announced a new Medal of Honor game, and it’s for VR! Titled “Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond,” the shooter is being developed […]

GameSpy Shutting Down Hosting Services End of May News 22

News 22 GameSpy, an online matchmaking client hosting a number of online multiplayer games, will be shutting down as of May 31, owners Glu Mobile recently announced. “Effective May 31, 2014, GameSpy will cease providing all hosted services for all games still using GameSpy,” the company said in a statement. “If you have any questions about how this impacts […]

EA Shuts Down Medal of Honor Developers Danger Close News 53

News 53 While EA still does have future plans for the Medal of Honor series, it seems that those plans will be going on without the help of its most recent developers, Danger Close. In an interview with Eurogamer, EA Games executive Patrick Söderlund confirmed that the studio had been dismantled, with some of the employees either working in […]

Report – Slant Six Was Working On Medal of Honor For The PS Vita News 10

News 10 Remember those rumors that Medal of Honor: Warfighter was going to be released for the PlayStation Vita? While that didn’t quite end up working out, it seems that it was once on the table, according to some concept art that Slant Six did for for the franchise. As seen on Alex Carigi’s work page (now removed). The […]

Medal of Honor Franchise Still Part of EA’s ‘Key Considerations for Fiscal Year 2013 Plan’ News 41

News 41 Last January, EA reported that 2012’s Medal of Honor sequel, Warfighter, was an “obvious miss” and would be taken out of the yearly rotation of shooters. According to chief operating officer Peter Moore, “the game was solid but the focus on combat authenticity did not resonate with consumers.” Later, chief creative director Rich Hilleman commented on the […]

EA Says Medal of Honor Will Return Once They “Get the Leadership Aligned” News 76

News 76 EA has followed up on earlier statements regarding the Medal of Honor franchise being pulled from the company’s yearly rotation of shooters, saying it wil return once they “get the leadership aligned.” Speaking to RPS during the recent DICE conferences, EA chief creative director Rich Hilleman admits, “We don’t think its a genre problem. It’s an execution […]

EA: “Medal of Honor Was An Obvious Miss,” Will Be Taken Out of Rotation of Yearly Shooters News 78

News 78 Due to poor performance, Electronic Arts will be pulling the Medal of Honor series out of the rotation of yearly blockbuster shooters. During an investor call today, chief operating officer Peter Moore commented on some of the challenges EA face this holiday quarter, namely, “the slowdown that impacted the entire sector and poor critical and […]

New Medal of Honor: Warfighter Server Update Addresses Stat Errors News 29

News 29 The Danger Close development team is hard at work in continuing to improve upon the multiplayer experience in their newly released FPS title, Medal of Honor: Warfighter. After getting bombarded on Twitter and on the Battlelog forums about the arising stat-reset issue, Danger Close has quickly slapped that issue to the grave. Below is full […]

Medal of Honor: Warfighter Beta Receives A Server Update News 50

News 50 Thanks to Community Manager Seeson Mahathavorn, we got the first information regarding a server update pushed to the Medal of Honor beta. While the beta for the most part is holding it’s own and is not plagued by any ground-breaking bugs or glitches, there are a few issues that Danger Close decided to tweak for […]

Medal of Honor: Warfighter Preview News 38

News 38 Medal of Honor: Warfighter will soon be deploying on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC this October 23rd. If you’re not yet excited, chances are that you still don’t know very much about it. Now, that’s not your fault, of course. There honestly isn’t much to go by these days as the pickings are […]

Medal of Honor: Warfighter – Mike Roth Details First DLC News 45

News 45 With the recent news of the first downloadable content for the upcoming shooter Medal of Honor: Warfighter, Danger Close designer Mike Roth gives fans more of an in-depth explanation of the content you will receive with the Zero Dark Thirty map pack. Hi, my name is Mike Roth, and I’m a Designer at Danger Close Games and […]

Medal of Honor: Warfighter – Zero Dark Thirty Map Pack Trailer News 45

News 45 Looks like Danger Close isn’t finished with adding more items to the Limited Edition of Medal of Honor: Warfighter. Partnered with Zero Dark Thirty which is in theaters December 19th, pre-ordering the Limited Edition will net you the Zero Dark Thirty Map Pack, containing 2 additional multiplayer maps. Chitral Compound is a Pakistan area in […]

Battlefield 4 Confirmed, Beta Access Through Medal of Honor: Warfighter Pre-Order Incentive News 0

News 0 Pre-Order Medal of Honor: Warfighter to gain access to Battlefield 4 Beta, reads a banner on EA’s Origin client. Under the Shooter category in the client, the banner appeared earlier today. You may recall that the first print of the last Medal of Honor game, the “limited edition” as it was dubbed, included tokens for access […]

Only 50% of Medal of Honor 2010 Players Carried Over To Battlefield 3 News 43

News 43 Only about 50 per cent of Medal of Honor 2010 owners played Battlefield 3. EA believes that the Medal of Honor community prefers “more authentic shooters.” “We are very careful that Battlefield and Medal of Honor stay differentiated,” EA Labels president Frank Gibeau told Game Informer magazine via Video Gamer. It’s interesting to note that […]

Name A Multiplayer Mode In Medal of Honor: Warfighter News 38

News 38 Danger Close wants you to name a new competitive game mode in Medal of Honor: Warfighter. “We knew that we wanted a game mode that was as rewarding to play as it was exciting to watch. Quick rounds with no respawn abilities were established early, and getting the national flags to be a central part of […]

EA: “Frostbite 2 Was Built For The Next Generation” and Why It’s Being Used For MoH: Warfighter News 42

News 42 Head of EA Games label Patrick Soderlund talks Frostbite 2 and how the engine will embrace the next generation of consoles, revealing that DICE intentionally developed the engine for PC in preparation for next gen. While Battlefield 3 looks great across the board in terms of visuals, it’s noticeable that the PC version is still […]

Danger Close Addressed “a Lot of Things” with Warfighter Through MoH Feedback, Especially the Multiplayer News 9

News 9 Danger Close’s creative director, Rich Farrelly, touches on Medal of Honor 2010’s critical reception, and emphasizes the importance of feedback that the studio has received over the last couple of years in shaping MoH: Warfighter. “The Metacritic rating was a lot lower than what we would’ve liked,” reckoned Farrelly. “I’m gonna save my comments on what I think about that […]

Medal of Honor: Warfighter – All Playable Global Tier 1 Operators Revealed News 66

News 66 A few weeks ago, it was revealed that Medal of Honor: Warfighter would feature 12 different global Tier 1 Operator units that would all be playable in MoH: Warfighter’s multiplayer experience. Additionally, it was also stated that Danger Close would include a special “Blue on Blue” playlist that would allow gamers to pit their favorite units […]

Medal of Honor: Warfighter Multiplayer – What Needs to Change News 21

News 21 Medal of Honor released in 2010 is EA’s (Danger Close with the assistance of DICE) first attempt of transitioning the desaturated WWII genre in favor of a more contemporary conflict.  Depicting the war in Afghanistan, MOH’s multiplayer allowed players to fill the role of Army Rangers and Tier 1 operators, representing the best of the […]

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